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Other Tax advice for WWW company

Discussion in 'General' started by Mary Jo, 31 Mar 2009.

  1. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo oh lolz

    13 Oct 2004
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    My business partner and I live in the UK. If we were setting up, say... a web hosting company which uses dutch servers, what is the best way to minimize taxes? We essentially just need a bank account to transfer money to, from paypal. We were thinking that we could set up a bank account in some tax haven country and then transfer all the paypal money to that. Then, other than the presumably low company tax, we'd just be paying UK personal income tax on any salaries paid to British bank accounts, correct?

    I intend to go to an accountant to sort this stuff out properly, but if anyone has investigated this type of thing previously and could give recommendations, it'd help me ask the right questions to the accountant.


    Edit: I've been reading this article ( http://www.escapeartist.com/Offshore/Articles/Introduction/ ) and it seems to cover roughly what we're thinking of, plus it means that it won't even be necessary to pay UK income tax. I just need to work out if it applies to us and the steps we would need to take.
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