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News Tecmo sees red over nude volleyball

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by GreatOldOne, 14 Feb 2005.

  1. GreatOldOne

    GreatOldOne Wannabe Martian

    29 Jan 2002
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    Fighting to maintain it's IP rights and the modesty of it's buxom digital lovelies, Tecmo spikes the hackers that have de-bikining the XBV cast. This from the Inq:

    Tecmo, is, apparently, livid that a couple of hackers have released a patch for its volleyball game which enables you to make the players play in the nude.

    The outfit has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago accusing Mike Greiling, Will Glynn and others of infringing on Tecmo's proprietary software.

    The patch for the Microsoft's Xbox console removes the bikini tops of the already scantily clad players in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

    Tecmo has also shut down www.ninjahacker.net which was being used to distribute the patch.

    John Inada, general manager for Tecmo, said in a statement: "On behalf of the game industry, the gamers and all future innovations in gaming, the protection of intellectual property is a serious issue that affects everyone in the game industry, and can no longer be ignored."


    What did Tecmo expect? The hackers are only following in what is becoming an an age old tradition in gaming circles. You publish a game with scantily clad females, therefore expect a nude to be available about 30 mins after release. :D
  2. Uber_K

    Uber_K What's a Dremel?

    7 Feb 2005
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    Ah yes, XBV. I remember hearing all my friends ranting and raving about that stupid game. I also remember hearing that, in the course of everyone's quest to remove the girls bikini's, they had all found out that even if you succeeded in removing the texture for the clothing, Tecmo had used stars for the nipples on the girls just in case. Of course, all they really had to do then was edit nipples onto the skin texture. Seriously now... W. T. F. I never really found the game that much fun, but some people just don't have ANYTHING to do! However, I will admit that the ninja girl, Ayane, is pretty hot. FOR A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER!

    Anyway, I'm glad to see that Tecmo is honestly concerned about the image they wanted associated with their game (which is kinda stupid, considering they made a beach volleyball game with all girls...), and have chosen to pursue anyone who would ruin what little respect and modesty the game had left. Good job, Tecmo. Have a cookie for having some morals.
  3. Firehed

    Firehed Why not? I own a domain to match.

    15 Feb 2004
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    and honestly what do they care... if you're smart enough to figure out how to do it then you're entitled :hehe:
  4. legoman666

    legoman666 Beat to fit, paint to match.

    24 Aug 2003
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    theyre only giving the patch more publicity by taking the makers to court.
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