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Thank you CCL

Discussion in 'CCL Computers' started by Wing Zero, 6 Jun 2012.

  1. Wing Zero

    Wing Zero Ita-sha owner

    28 Apr 2010
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    Thank you CCL for having a listing for an Asus P67 Sabertooth. all the other places i shop have either removed listings, or still selling at high prices. I thought i'd be buying a secondhand board, and i was unhappy with buying one at something like £100 which was my absolute limit of spending, but you were the only place that not only were selling NEw boards, but also just a hair above my £100 limit.

    With this, i shall hope to get my custom build, Wet Rarity, back up and running again in quick time (hopefully it's just the mobo that's died, otherwise i may be coming back for a graphics card too)

    Thank you
  2. PrellSip

    PrellSip New Member

    1 Jun 2012
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