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The 9GHz Rendiathon

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by WilHarris, 7 Oct 2004.

  1. sctool

    sctool What's a Dremel?

    15 Jul 2005
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    i guess if you wacked a load of fast GFX in it you could play 5 mulitplayer from it!
  2. The_Pope

    The_Pope Geoff Richards Super Moderator

    3 Jul 2003
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    Wow - good luck to him on eBay. I don't think crazy stuff like this is very popular on there - it should go to a good protein-folding home or something.

    The only programs that can use all five processors are ones specially designed for multi-processor use. That normally means scientific simulation-type stuff, but also extends to 3D rendering software like 3D Studio. All these applications perform complex calculations over hours & hours, and so the workload can be distributed across several machines ie a render farm.

    You can't do this with games - most of the load is on the GPU rather than CPU anyway - and it most certainly will never speed up burning of DVDs - that is dependent on the drive electronics.

    In summary, if you're running SETI, or folding proteins, or making Shrek 3, then this machine will have a combined performance of close to 9Ghz (5 x 1800). If you want to play games etc on it, it will only be as good as a single 1800 Duron ie pretty slow.
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