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Education The BETT Show

Discussion in 'General' started by lp rob1, 2 Feb 2013.

  1. lp rob1

    lp rob1 Well-Known Member

    14 Jun 2010
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    So this weekend was/is the BETT show, and I'm sure that some bit-techers went. For those that don't know, it is a show of educational technology. I went today - I can positively say it was a good event. Personally I thought the single-channel WLAN technology was pretty cool, as it basically removes all channel-crossing problems and allows for APs to be placed much closer together without worrying about interference.

    Oh, and I annoyed a Windows 8 salesman quite a lot. Yes, I know it isn't the salesman's fault for the poor design in Windows 8, but it was fun anyway. On a similar topic, I still need to get kicked out of PC World for pointing out that better digital cables will not give you better quality.
  2. Yeoo

    Yeoo Active Member

    1 Sep 2011
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    I remember doing BETT in 2009 with Netop. Was the year Microsoft had there surface on display (the multi camera table thing that can recognize your hands when not touching it, not the new tablet with a kick stand)

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