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TV Shows The Expanse

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexxo, 25 Mar 2018.

  1. David

    David μoʍ ɼouმ qᴉq λon ƨbԍuq ϝʁλᴉuმ ϝo ʁԍɑq ϝμᴉƨ

    7 Apr 2009
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    Really enjoyed the first three.

    I'm glad that they've continued to substitute Drummer for Michio Pa's role, despite it feeling a little disjointed early on. More Cara Gee on screen is no bad thing but I'm curious as to how this plays out, considering Pa's role in Nemesis Games.
  2. mrlongbeard

    mrlongbeard Multimodder

    31 Jan 2010
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    OK so without having read the books, and coming at it from a general sci-fi TV direction, but, I found series 5 somewhat underwhelming :worried:
  3. Stotherd-001

    Stotherd-001 Minimodder

    15 Apr 2009
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    Season 5 was very much a character development and build up plot to the next season, from what I've read online. I think knowing season 6 was coming, and likely to be the last gave them some leeway with a less action heavy season.
  4. bennylava

    bennylava What's a Dremel?

    18 Nov 2020
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    The Expanse? Pfft... more like The Expense!

    just kidding I had to say that for some reason. No idea why.

    The show seems pretty good, but I'd like to see more of what happens on the planets that the ships got through to via those big blue portals.

    Also is anyone starting to get a somewhat lovecraftian vibe from the whole thing? Those gaseous aliens are kinda like the things that fought "The old ones" in "At the mountains of Madness". I haven't watched since about episode 5 (waiting for them to finish) but thus far their story seemed to follow lovecraft's weird gas-like flying aliens.
  5. The_Crapman

    The_Crapman Don't phone it's just for fun. Staff

    5 Dec 2011
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    Mad theory: the expanse is the "same universe " as red dwarf.
  6. Xlog

    Xlog Minimodder

    16 Dec 2006
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    After rewatching season for a second time - it started off strong but became pretty meh by the middle (series/book spoilers bellow)
    The bad:
    * way too much time focusing on Naomi in Chetzemoka
    * Monika (the reporter) just feels out of place/ exposition character after the Tycho station, should have left her there.
    * Temp sec general arc felt like padding for the sake of padding
    * Final episode with whole killing of Alex, yeh he got fired, but if cant get other actors for reshoots to do it properly, just kill the character offscreen between seasons.
    * IMO, while handling very well in previous seasons, in this one they gone overboard with SJW messaging/"Strong female characters".

    The good:
    * Amos arc
    * Marco Inaros
    * Battles, both in space and on planet
    * Death of Fred was handled quite well considering actors other obligations, but spoiled by the mess that was last episode.
    * Getting quite fond of Bull, if he'll be a replacement for Alex then fair enough.

    I'm still on a fence about the changes they made to Pa's/Drummers arc from the books
  7. satisfiedwimp

    satisfiedwimp What's a Dremel?

    21 Nov 2017
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    Gonna be watching the first season later after work. I hope this is as awesome as this thread describes it to be.

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