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Multi The Finals (Q4 2023)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Hex, 8 Nov 2023.

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    11 Jan 2002
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    Did anyone else get thoroughly addicted in the recent Open beta? I feel so lost without it now!

    The Finals is an upcoming multiplayer FPS from Embark Studios (ex-DICE). It's 3v3v3 objective matches on environmentally-destructible maps. Lots of gadgets and it's very, very fast-paced. It has flame throwers, C4, goo, gas, zip lines, grapple hooks, etc. There are two, slightly different, game modes. There are quickplay and knockout tournaments as well as ranked tournies.

    The amount of stupid and impressive crap that happened during my time playing in the beta was incredible. I had a lot of fun :hehe:

    It's not without issues though, I was playing on Xbox Series S and apparently, controller aiming is a bit janky. I could not get any of the guns to feel quite right. I settled on the M11 as it was the only one I could really consistently do damage with, but it limited me to playing the Light class and I died an awful lot. There were a number of latency issues, falling down holes when I wasn't near them happened a lot. Towards the end of the beta, they did fix back-filling so at least I didn't have to be solo against two teams of 3 all that often. I'd also have really appreciated being able to test guns and gadgets out in the practice range before buying them. They're also using AI instead of traditional voice acting, which I'm not a fan of. It does seem one of the less problematic uses of AI, especially when it's not scraped data and people are actually paid for training the AI. But it's still a bit of a shame to take work away from talent, especially when they didn't make the most of having TTS that could've been a lot more dynamic. Instead, they just said the same lines over and over, they also didn't pause or get cut off, so were out of date and backed up a lot of the time.

    It should be free to play when it launches and I believe they are aiming for a release this year, so realistically probably early December.

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