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The Forum Rules - Updated 09 March 2007

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by WilHarris, 22 Sep 2005.

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  1. WilHarris

    WilHarris Just another nobody Moderator

    16 Jun 2001
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    Forum rules.

    Welcome to bit-tech forums. As you may be aware, this is one of the biggest and busiest forums in the enthusiast community, with about 21000 members coming from about 30 different countries, each with their own background, culture and language. Each member brings their own knowledge and enthusiasm to the pot and every new member is considered a valuable addition.

    Because the bit-tech community is so large and diverse, it is important that some basic rules of conduct and guidelines are agreed on, so that everyone can join in equally and enjoy their stay. These rules and guidelines are based on mutual respect and consideration. They are designed to be similar to the house rules of any establisment where people might meet to enjoy sharing interests, views, experiences, knowledge and opinions.

    With this in mind:

    The Big Ones

    Be polite - no thread crapping, flaming, insulting, name-calling. No swearing.

    Be mutually respectful - don't post rubbish, and you won't get rubbish back to read.

    Be helpful - not everybody knows as much as you might. Point people to information they might need where necessary.

    Be informed - before starting a thread on something, run a search and see if it's been covered previously, either on the site or the forums.

    Be educated - use correct capitalisation and punctuation in your thread titles. In your posts, use correct spelling and grammar. IF you can't spell, ieSpell can.

    Think about where you're posting - the forums all have descriptions, so read them and make sure your thoughts are relevant.

    Stay legal - no promotion of, or requests for warez or other illegal material or activities.

    Pornography - no discussion, links, or images containing material of a pornographic nature - this is a family forum.

    Console Modding - the discussion of console mod chips and running non-certified software on consoles is prohibited. Our servers are located in the US and this subject is a grey area there.


    Don't hot-link images from elsewhere - if you wish to use an image, upload it to webspace you control. The exception to this is images from bit-tech - feel free to link to those in your posts on the bit-tech forums.

    Feel free to link your own website in your signature - but excessive pimping will be clamped down on. In the same vein, no referral schemes or pyramid schemes.

    No discussion of advertising blocking in any form - bit-tech is provided to you free of charge. If you don't want to support our sponsors, don't read the site.

    We allow you to edit your posts so that you can include more information, pictures, etc - If a Moderator has edited your post, do not edit it again.

    If you have any queries or see something that shouldn't be on the forum - please contact a Moderator. The Moderators are:

    bit-tech: The bit-tech Staff
    Modding: acrimonious, cpemma, Nexxo
    Hardware: Kameleon, Mister_Tad, Bindibadgi
    Gaming: All Moderators
    Bits: Dad, Hex
    General: Dad, Hex
    For Sale: All Moderators

    The Consequences

    Violation of any of these rules will get you a warning. We will contact you if your behaviour is unacceptable and we hope you will post in a more thoughtful manner. Continued abuse of the rules will result in a ban at our discretion.

    We reserve the right to move, close or edit any thread for any reason. We endeavour to moderate our forums in the same responsible manner we ask you to post on them. Please listen to the Moderating Team.

    Forum behaviour

    All signatures should be in font size 1, and any sigs longer than 4 lines at 1280 width will be edited down or deleted. We do not allow graphical signatures, because they look awful. If you're not sure whether or not your signature is OK, please contact a member of the Moderating Team.

    Avatars become available to you at 75 posts. You can upload them through the UserCP. Why 75 posts? Think of it as a 'thank you' for contributing to our forum.

    Do not register multiple accounts. We'll spot them, and ban them both.

    Commercial pimping will get you an immediate ban. Don't even bother.

    Private buying and selling is allowed only in the For Sale / Trade forum. This forum has its own specific set of rules - please read them.

    These rules will be updated from time to time - please look at the date and read them. Invidual forums also have their own rules - make sure you're up to date on those, too.


    The opinions expressed on the forums are those of the individual authors. Bit Publishing Ltd will not be responsible for the contents of posts or for any use of the posted information.

    Please post responsibly and helpfully. Most of all, have fun!
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  2. Tim S

    Tim S OG

    8 Nov 2001
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    Rules updated 6th Nov 2005 to clear up the grey area on console modification.
  3. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    Rules updated 9th March 2007 to clear up the issue of discussion of vs. actual promotion of / requests for warez.
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