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The funny things people do

Discussion in 'General' started by RTT, 13 Feb 2005.

  1. JuMpErFLY

    JuMpErFLY Minimodder

    13 Mar 2003
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    I always have to use the same type of cutlery - there are at least 3 different types in the drawer, I always have to use the same kind, have no idea why.
  2. Alan

    Alan What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2001
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    Handkerchief in right pocket, NEVER left pocket, money in left pocket, NEVER ... you get the drift :blah:
  3. TheoGeo

    TheoGeo What are these goddamn animals?!

    10 Jun 2003
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    let me think...
    - Fresh water in kettle (but will reboil if water hasnt got to room temp. yet).
    - Wallet in left pocket, phone and keys in right. Only tissues can go in back pockets.
    - I hate sharing drinks, will always wipe before and after... but dont mind with joints.
    - Must always put alarm on snooze once... or maybe thats just because im lazy.
    - Batteries must always have the label facing outwards when i put them in.

    i think thats about it
  4. Murdoc

    Murdoc Gas Mask..ZOMG

    25 Jul 2003
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    My pockets are a bit complicated, iPod in my right pocket, the remote is in my left pocket, the wire runs though my belt to keep it in position, and the remote is clipped to its own wire so the hole is facing up, my headphones go under my T-shirt connected to the remote, the right headphone goes over my neck and when not in use between my t-shirt and sweatshirt.

    I'm a freak, but an organised freak....diagrams anyone?

  5. Blademrk

    Blademrk Why so serious?

    21 Nov 2003
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    CD/DVD's the text has gotta be upright in the cases.
    If discs are loose then the printed side must be face down. Disc Cases must be ordered by type/logo (all Fox/widescreeen/universal/etc... together), then by colour.

    If I notice an error in one of my posts I've got to correct it immediately (spelling, capitalisation or whatever).

    Water must be filtered, (wether it be boiled for coffee, or cold for squash). Unfiltered water just makes me gag (mind you, the water round here is white unless you run it for an hour before hand).

    Got to have my phone on me when I'm out, not having it just feels... wrong.

    Can't stand the sight/smell of chicken, again it just makes me retch. When I used to go out with my family, if we stoped in the chippy and someone had chicken I'd refuse to get in the car untill it had been removed. Actually it's the same with most meats (I would be vegitarian, but I love bacon... go figure :confused: )
  6. CaseyBlackburn

    CaseyBlackburn Network Techie

    27 Jul 2004
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    i do this my cd player
  7. Sc0rian

    Sc0rian Here comes the farmer

    23 Feb 2003
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    cba to read them all

    Have a few to comment on tho

    When i meet you rtt, i know which pocket to go for:)


    mrdt, i really wish i was bling as you;)

    Also, rtt, that is so strange. Because I really, REALLY thought that was me. When I hit my arm one side i hit the other so it doesnt feel left out or something. Sound stupid but you do to it. Ofcourse you dont break a rib, then try and break the other one;) Thats plain stupid..

    - S

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