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Gaming The Legend of Grimrock Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 16 Apr 2012.

  1. GonzoRIP

    GonzoRIP What's a Dremel?

    8 Feb 2012
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    i love the game but i feel the method they use for casting spells actually takes away from the game. i tend to find myself just staring down at the corner of my screen 90% of the time instead of focusing on the action and strategic placement of my group. if it were simpler and you could lock a spell to each hand then i feel they could throw more mobs at u making it more hectic and fun.

    they also need some form of controller support. this game could be so fun on an xbox controller. A,B,X,Y could each be one hand then R button could modify each of those to use the other hand. and i wish there was a way to turn the auto mapping off but allow u to map the game yourself in the map menu instead of having to drag out the old grid paper. overall though its a great game and probably my best purchase so far this year
  2. Yemerich

    Yemerich I can has PERSUADETRON?

    15 Sep 2004
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    Lands of lore, dungeon master, ultima underworld I&II (the best crawlers EVER), Eye of the beholder I&II, stonekeep (wich I still have the book which came with the game), Elvira I&II, elder scrolls I...

    Even some crawlers in consoles like "Shinning in darkness" for sega genesis (which I love).

    I've played them all.

    Bu I meant some new stuff like this one. I've played some on Android (but none in PC), but NONE was enjoyable.

    Can anyone help me there? Thanx! :D
  3. PingCrosby

    PingCrosby What's a Dremel?

    16 Jan 2010
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    PingusCrosbyus; 'By the mighty sword of Gwangaraurd and the unholy sheild of Msargward I name you, yes YOU Terry the Sheep, Fleecy McFleece of the Eldership of the Sheeprin, what say you Terry?'.
    Terry the Sheep; 'Meeeeeeeeeeeer'.
    PingusCrosbyus; 'And so it shall be mighty Terry, begone and smite down the treacherous underlings of Orswartherin and the grovelling brethrin of The Allan Sugar Empire.....and don't hang about The Chase is on at five'.
    Terry the Sheep; Meeeeeeeeeeeeer'.
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