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Films The Official bit-tech Movie Thread - What have you seen lately?

Discussion in 'General' started by knuck, 13 Jun 2010.

  1. Yaka

    Yaka Well-Known Member

    26 Jun 2005
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    Robin Hood 6/10 aside from wierd mordern-esque desert warfare in the opening, pretty sure archers around the crusade times were not like infantry men in mordern war movies. its a pretty much the same old tale with a slight twist with little john. ending leaves way for another sequel but really how many times can they really do a robin hood movie
  2. BentAnat

    BentAnat Software Dev

    26 Jun 2008
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    Not a film, but a series:

    AHS: Cult - 7/10
    As AHS tends to do, this plays fast and loose with some of the background/real life parts of the story. Some parts more bothering than others.
    Besides the initial 2 episodes being a bit too "fashionable" for my taste, the series picks up well, and makes for a fun (albeit gory) return to form for the series, after Roanoake and Hotel were pretty awful.
  3. Pliqu3011

    Pliqu3011 all flowers in time bend towards the sun

    8 Aug 2009
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    The Seventh Seal
    In a bout of hubris I though I was ready for some [airquotes] capital C Cinema [/airquotes] after Stalker, so what better place to start than Igmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal?
    It's definitely visually striking, and the guy playing tormented knight Antonius Block has the most perfect face for the character. Other than that though, it didn't get me too excited.
    I think I've hated "minstrel" characters in every movie I've ever seen so their prominent role in this one probably didn't help.
    I'll give another shot to Wild Strawberries. If I'm equally unmoved after that film Bergman work's probably not for me.
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  4. Xir

    Xir Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2006
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    Seems to have been very successfull, one of Chinas highest grossing movies.
    So I suppose me finding it Awfull doesn't really matter.

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