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Scratch Build – In Progress The one who Laughs (Joker Build)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Rustitution, 9 Feb 2021.

  1. Rustitution

    Rustitution What's a Dremel?

    9 Feb 2021
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    So some background. I've been a PV builder for years have done the standard build computers for people, side hustle. Made it work but quit more times than I care to admit. A few years ago I got back into building and did a Linus Tech Tips inspired Desk Build that was Iron Man themed ... I made the mistake of getting the computer assembled to the point where I could use it and then stopped.

    That was my first scratch build Idea and I loved it for the most part but that desk was huge and I really wanted a sit-stand desk. If I did it again, I would do a low profile desk build almost like the guy on youtube who did the invisible PC.

    That brings me to these past few months. I've had a lull in building client PC's because I'm nowhere near big enough to get my hands on 3000 series cards or AMD anything current. and I've been wanting itching to do another hardline loop. I got this distro plate for my Cyberpunk build and couldn't make it work but I was determined to use it.


    I love the P5 and I really wanted a showcase build so I thought about it and said screw it I'm going to do a Wall Mount PC.

    So I went to the store and got a piece of wood for a frame and started working on the design. I had a couple of Idea's in my head but I wanted to take a JayzTwoCents Idea and just have a stupid amount of radiator, so instead of 4 120mm Rads like the distroplate was used too I looked in inventory and saw that I had 2 EK 360 and 2 Barrow 360 mm rad's so I said perfect.

    I didn't really have a theme in my head yet but I knew I had to come up with something. So I started laying out parts.
    Ignore the mess (it will be a theme here)
    Better but not perfect

    I knew the rads needed to be secured together first so I did another thing I stole from Jay, and got some aluminum L stock, and started to make a bracket. I knew the piece I had wasn't long enough but man I didn't realize how close it was.
    so I took one of the other pieces I made and cut the bottom and riveted it together.

    it is more square than it looks in this photo but it didn't matter it didn't work and unlike Jay tape wasn't going to be my solution so I realized If I have a piece going across the top 8 holes and the bottom 8 holes everything would aline so I did that and mounted all the rads together. now that I had that lined up I could start to really work on parting things out and laying it out.

    I needed a theme and the one thing I kept going back to was "The Joker" I did a bane build, an iceman build, and even a batman beyond build, I've been dying to do a joker but I didn't know if I wanted a Joker PC, but I kept going back to it so that's the direction I've gone with.

    So using a super-accurate program I drew up some designs. I knew I wanted a tube res that I could fill from the top to make filling easier because this is a lot of air to bleed out, knew what CPU block and motherboard, and GPU I was going to use. so I started to lay it all out. thankfully I had a second CPU block and an almost identical motherboard.

    the program is Samsung sketch book on my note phone.

    I tried to acquire a dual pump top for some of the DDC pumps I had but they were sold out so I had to get two single pump tops. (Going with two pumps in series because that is ALOT of head pressure to overcome (probably close to 5 meters) and I have a bunch of DDC pumps in my inventory and only 1 D5 so I didn't want to take that out of inventory if it would need it for a client.

    This is where I'll end it tonight (it's practically finished but I wanted to show off the product as I'm using a lot of techniques and materials I've never used before in this build and it's a lot of fun.

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