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Other The trials and tribulations of a new eBay seller

Discussion in 'General' started by Pete J, 11 Apr 2015.

  1. rma

    rma Minimodder

    19 May 2010
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    I just wouldn't even reply to that.
    He received it 3+ weeks ago and gave you +ve feedback, the transaction is complete.
    I wouldn't even get into a conversation with him.
  2. TheBlackSwordsMan

    TheBlackSwordsMan Far over the misty mountains cold

    16 Aug 2009
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    I replied that I could issue a refund upon reception of the UNDMAGED item, that the item would have to be sent with International Tracking and the fees covered by him. I suggested that he'd be better off selling the item, as he'd lose less money that way. He hasn't replied yet, hope he doesn't loll

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