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Other Theiving toerags and barbed wire, feedback

Discussion in 'General' started by unknowngamer, 27 Oct 2011.


    SMIFFYDUDE Supermodders on my D

    22 Apr 2009
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    Build a Firestorm wall around you property C&C stylee. You will need a firestorm generator though to power it.:p
  2. Sloth

    Sloth #yolo #swag

    29 Nov 2006
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    An interesting strategy I saw once while shortcutting through some yards (it's okay when you're 8-12, right? :D) was putting up perfectly safe metal wire all around the top of the fence mounted with eye bolts or something the of the sort which lets the wire have some wiggle room. Mount something very obnoxious and loud such as a windchime on one of the ends and tie down the other. Someone comes climbing over they'll very likely bump the wire causing the windchime to clatter. Combine that with a motion sensing spotlight and you've got light plus sound, two things that'll make a theif think twice.
  3. rocket

    rocket What's a Dremel?

    22 Aug 2011
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    all of them
    and use raser wire
    and paint all sides of the fence
  4. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    Man, I am glad I am in the US where if someone is on your property with the intent to damage or cause a crime that you can defend it.

    I have escorted someone off my property at gun point before and that was deterrent enough for them to never come back.
  5. unknowngamer

    unknowngamer here

    3 Apr 2009
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    I've gone barbed wire along top edge and looped inside, clearly visable, all on the insdie of my fence.

    the fence is at 2m so I should be ok.

    You guys all asume it's done at night time. I think it's dole scum doing while I'm at work.
    I have a security light, 2 in fact 200 watts on the back and the side.

    I may alarm the shed.

    Daylight robbery.

    As for the value, thats not the point. IF I went out to replace it I'm looking at £400.
    I may have got it all on ebay for £50, but thats not the point I paid £400 for it, it's up to me what I decide to do with it.

    As for a neighbour moving it, they have as much right to move it as I have to kill thier prise flower bed 'cos I don't like the smell or take their patio set 'cos they've not eaten on it. It's a stupid comment. I leave the kids toys in the garden 'cos they are kids toys, I want them to play on them when ever they want, not to have to ask permision from me to get the key to shed and get a toy out, than have to ask again ten mins later.
    Kids like to switch toys, watch them on a playground....

    They are my kids toys and it is my kids choice to not play with them, and it my choice to sell them, or give them away.

    And it's the brazen nature, the wendy house is big and heavy. It would take two adults to get it over a 6 foot fence, kids aren't big enough.

    And two adults could rip the doors of the shed, I've got petrol lawn mowerf, shredder, chainsaw, two serious adult bikes. I'm looking at £2000 To replace, I expect they don't know what is in there, otherwsie they would have had a go.

    If they tried to sue me, I'll got mental.
    I'll have a word with a few people I know, they won't follow it through.
  6. 13eightyfour

    13eightyfour Formerly Titanium Angel

    9 Sep 2003
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    combine it with
    • Giant Hogweed
    • Mala Mujer
    • Chinese Lacquer Tree

    That'll **** them up :thumb:
  7. TaRkA DaHl

    TaRkA DaHl Modder

    15 Mar 2011
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    Haven't read the thread, but my grandfather got fed up with kids jumping his fence and trampling his rhubarb etc that he was growing, so decided it all had to be held up with sharpened stakes.... you can guess the rest.
  8. Jake123456

    Jake123456 Surprise!

    25 Jan 2011
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    Stuff they put up everywhere, such as schools...

    I didn't have the guts to jump them.

    And good on you mate :thumb:

    Catch them scumholes.
  9. Journeyer

    Journeyer Minimodder

    31 Aug 2006
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    Get a pet badger - those things can be vicious!
  10. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    On the Internet there can only be lies.
  11. thehippoz

    thehippoz What's a Dremel?

    19 Dec 2008
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    xD ain't that the truth
  12. MrJay

    MrJay You are always where you want to be

    20 Sep 2008
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    Dummy cameras?

    Can pick a pack of 4 up for about £30.

    We had a spate of attempted break-ins and car jackings, it took my dad riving around the street in his boxers with an 8 Iron to persuade them its not a good idea...

    The police did NOTHING on repeated occasions.
  13. Matticus

    Matticus ...

    23 Feb 2008
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    I doubt it would be your neighbours cleaning up your garden, my girlfriend works in a nursery and a few times kids have jumped the fence and stolen a little trike thing and buggered off, leaving loads of other stuff about. It seems to happen a fair amount from nursery and school playgrounds. Kids and teens steal something to mess around with for the night then chuck it in a river.

    Usually when it is kids stealing stuff, they are doing it purely for the sake of doing it, which is why they wont bother trying to get into the shed to get anything of any real value, that is until they get a bit older.

    That being said, I have no idea what your neighbours are like... :hehe:

    I echo some of the suggestions, having done a similar thing in the garden when I was younger. A motion detecting light and some trellis was the suggestion from the local police. The trellis makes the fence harder to climb without breaking it, which makes a lot of noise. And the light illuminates them for all to see and identify.

    When my mum decided she didn't like the trellis, my dad just redid the fencing, using the original upright posts and cross beams, he just went a lot higher with the boards. This worked as well as trellis because the very top of the fence had no support so was difficult to climb and could potentially snap when climbed over.

    Edit: Also it is worth considering that going overboard with the deterrents can make it seem like you are protecting something worth stealing, which could potentially have the opposite to the desired effect.
  14. Throbbi

    Throbbi What's a Dremel?

    10 Sep 2009
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    Do the sensible thing and have the wire as legality says (not overhanging, inclined inwards, visible etc.) and then paint it black. Anything comes from it and you get a visit from the coppers you can say 'well look, you can see it plain as day'. It is plainly visible, in the daylight ;)

    After disuccing this with the missus she says monkey puzzle trees, plenty of thick rose bushes and, if remotely possible, a pet goose. A goose is easily the best guard dog in the world, dio you have any idea of the noise they make when startled?! lol Some can be right savage *******s too.

    EDIT: She just also suggested (although i dont know how hard it would be) bracken like y get in coniferous wood and such. Ever seen what that can do to humans? Grab that with bare hands and try to pull it from the ground and the only thing that happens is you literally shred your hands, evil stuff.
  15. mrlongbeard

    mrlongbeard Multimodder

    31 Jan 2010
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    Get a goose or two, nosier than dogs, bloody aggressive to strangers, and ohhhh so tasty come chrimbo :brrr:
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  16. Teh Noob Slayer

    Teh Noob Slayer What's a Dremel?

    16 May 2010
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    some points:

    First, if he's working does he really need to commit burglary?

    second, if he takes legal action hasn't he just incriminated himself to committing burgulary? They won't need payment for lost wages while in jail.

    third, the homeowner can easily argue he's a stupid P**** for not turning the light on if it was in the dark.
    Last edited: 29 Oct 2011
  17. Mongoose132

    Mongoose132 Duckmad

    23 Aug 2007
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  18. daverobson08

    daverobson08 What's a Dremel?

    21 May 2011
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    I would avoid monkey puzzle trees personally. Mature specimen can be very expensive and they take a long time to grow. Have you considered those spiked plastic things that rotate about a metal bar? They are also used to secure schools and the like. They aren't very dangerous per se but they are easily enough to deter anyone attempting to put their weight on them
  19. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    Oooh. The cone spikes for covering a case.:D

    I'll advise what I said in the last thread. 8" stones planted a few inches apart covering the inner perimeter. If they are lucky, they will break an ankle. If you are lucky, they will hit their head on one too. -F* your pandering laws!

    Edit- I do like the spike strips. I'd like them even more if they came pre-rusted.
    Last edited: 29 Oct 2011
  20. mvagusta

    mvagusta Did a skid that went for two weeks.

    24 Dec 2006
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    Kids use that backyard cheaps, I wouldn't be planting booby traps of any sort!

    You weren't blunt, but polite imo.

    Blunt would have been to highlight how the toys are now stolen, so there are no more toys to steal, so what's the point of converting the residence into something that resembles a concentration camp? I'm not looking forward to a thread titled "My kids are stuck in barbed wire, what's the best way to remove them?"

    It's also a shame that since the toys were of no further use to anyone within the residence, they could have been sold to people that would have appreciated them.

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