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Cooling Thermal Paste and GELID Tranquillo

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by civicteer, 4 Jun 2010.

  1. civicteer

    civicteer What's a Dremel?

    26 Apr 2010
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    I've just installed a GELID Tranquillo CPU Cooler on my AMD 955BE with an AMD3 MB.

    I applied the thermal paste by using the spread method and didn't get any temperature differences from the stock cooler. I re did it using the blob method and things did improve.

    Stock cooler idle 35
    GELID Tranquillo 30-31

    Stock cooler load 58
    GELID Tranquillo 47

    When I applied the cooler using the blob method, right as I was about to click the final click into place the cooler lifted slightly breaking the seal, I was then able to click it in place.

    My question is does it matter that it lifted? I was kinda hoping to get a little better temperatures that that, especially at idle. It was such a chore to fit I'd rather get advice then redo the whole thing - sorry if you think I'm just being lazy! haha

    I'm using MX-3, an Antec 300 with 1 intake fan and the 2 exhaust and the cooler is running at about 950RPM idle. I know its not meant to be an ice cold cooler though. It is however totally silent, even under load!


    Paul :D
  2. alpaca

    alpaca llama eats dremel

    27 Jan 2009
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    Those temps are decent. But breaking the seal is not really a good idea (you introduce air) but shouldn't do that much.

    If you really care, try reseating it. You probably could shave of a degree, maybe two, if you're lucky.

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