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News Thermalright SLK-800 :: OCModShop

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Cheese, 20 Sep 2002.

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    6 Oct 2001
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    "Thermalright in the past has made a lot of high quality, awesome performing heatsinks that have usually blown away its competition, or at least equaled them. Today I am reviewing the newest Thermalright heatsink, the SLK-800. The SLK-800 is basically the SLK-600 with the ability to hold an 80mm fan while the SLK-600 could only hold a 60mm one. The SLK-800 is not limited to only holding an 80mm fan it can also handle a 70mm and 60mm which is really cool because it makes this heatsink very flexible. With so many companies in the war to produce the biggest and best heatsink it is hard to find a heatsink that really does perform the best, lets see how this heatsink fares shall we?"

    Read the review here.
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