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Columns This Isn't About Monkey Island, Honest

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 7 Mar 2008.

  1. Bungle

    Bungle Rainbow Warrior

    7 Jul 2007
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    So are we saying that a true hardcore gamer is a fanboy? I've always concidered myself a rather cosmopolitan gamer. I don't think I've ever held a game up to be some kind of holy grail. There have been some absolutely fabulous game engines , game mechanics etc which I use as a reference against other titles of the same genre, but I measured each game on its own merrits. I've been gaming the best part of 23 years now, but maybe I'm no hardcore player then.:confused:
  2. devdevil85

    devdevil85 What's a Dremel?

    29 Nov 2006
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    On the PC side, it was Age of Empires II. As for the console side, it had to be Mario and/or Mortal Kombat.....
  3. legoman666

    legoman666 Beat to fit, paint to match.

    24 Aug 2003
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    The game that got me into gaming was the original command & conquer. I went over to a friends house in 4th or 5th grade and we played it. The moment I got home, I went to my mother and we went out and bought it. Maybe it was the cheesy FMV cut scenes, maybe it was the RTS goodness that got me. I don't know. Me and several friends even had a "club" in 5th grade in which we all played C&C. We had excel graphs showing how far each of us was in the GDI & Nod campaigns. I even had a Nod tshirt made. I gobbled up that entire franchise (up to Tiberian Sun anyway, I never did like that game, and I didn't buy the expansion). Red Alert 2 was also amazing. I did try out the recent C&C3, but it didn't hold the same appeal for me as the original games. Neither did C&C Generals.

    LOL, so maybe I didn't gobble up the entire series, I liked C&C, covert ops, red alert, counterstrike, aftermath, RA2, and Yuri's revenge. I also owned Sole Survivor, tiberian sun, and renegade. In the end, maybe they overdid it.

    Games that kept me coming back (PC games)
    C&C, RA, RA2
    Total Annihilation (best game ever?)
    Roller Coaster Tycoon
    Sim City 2k
    Alpha Centauri

    My game playing has been waning recently, but I still get a good TF2 bout in every now and again.

    EDIT: and some console games:
    First console game I ever played was Ocarina of Time. AWESOME.
    super smash brothers
    mario kart 64
    goldeneye (yes! I recently downloaded the Goldeneye Source mod which provided some good entertainment, assholes need to finish it though!)

    I never really was a big console gamer, but I did own a GameCube, XBox, and a PS2. I don't have or want any of the new consoles.
    Last edited: 8 Mar 2008
  4. Jordan Wise

    Jordan Wise Baby called to see the boss...

    24 Jul 2007
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    As if! i thought tiberian sun was awesome, i loved how every level kind of 'glowed', and units mattered far more than numbers in that game than it did the others, the cost and build limitations were brilliantly implemented. The campaign was far too difficult though. Generals- agreed, it was an insult. Thank god they killed that off and went back to tiberium.
  5. legoman666

    legoman666 Beat to fit, paint to match.

    24 Aug 2003
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    I don't think it was a bad game, it just didn't have that special something that C&C and RA had.
  6. Lazarus Dark

    Lazarus Dark Minimodder

    14 Apr 2006
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    My father kicked me out when I turned 17 and we haven't spoken since, almost ten years ago.

    I have only two good memories of my father: one is watching Star Trek, X-Files, and Babylon 5 with him in my teens.
    The other is Super Mario Bros when I was 7.
    My father never spent any money on anything besides his car, so I was shocked when he brought home the NES. We played Super Mario Bros for months trying to beat it. We would get to World 9 and that one really long jump and we couldn't figure out how to get past it. Finally, one day my dad figures it out. If you hold "B" while running, Mario jumps further! Who knew? I had a hand-me-down Atari 2600 for a couple years and my dad had a Commodore 64, but Mario was the first real "platformer". So this was new. Best of all, though my dad figured out the B-jump when I wasn't home, he stopped and waited till I got home before going further and beating it. That was really cool of him. I have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros with my father and that is the game that got me hooked. I've had every Nintendo system since, except the Gamecube, and the platformer genre is still my favorite. But somehow none of them are ever as satisfying as the months I spent with my father trying to beat Super Mario Bros on the NES.

    I still like to break out SMB now and again. Side note: I got my fiance a DS for Christmas with New Super Mario Bros. I love it! Nostalgic, but it brings the nostalgia into the present. Very cool.
  7. Furymouse

    Furymouse Like connect 4 in dagger terms

    4 Feb 2004
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    Im going with AoE on PC and goldeneye on N64. Many hours went down the proverbial toilet to those two games. Goldeneye especially seeing as it was my introduction to multiplayer FPS goodness. Who didnt love slappers only one hit kill games? Or strategically placing your mines in doorways ?( Im not a camper no matter what anyone says :) )
  8. m0o0oeh

    m0o0oeh Minimodder

    20 Dec 2006
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    Cheers for a great read Joe, and my condolences.

    As some before me have already mentioned, I played numerous games, mostly on the Master System, and PC (too young for Atari's etc!) I do remember playing Alex Kidd, Sonic and the olympics '92 frequently - and when we visited our cousins in the valleys, they were all into their computer games, so we played stuff like James Pond, NBA, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Quake, Zool, Descent etc.....

    I am not a "hardcore" gamer, I play to unwind, or if I get bored. I have precious little amounts of time to myself - far less of that is spent gaming...

    But the game that got me hooked was Unreal Tournament. I took great delight in learning all the shortcuts, and going to LAN parties, and I'd get blasted to smithereens - 1. because I wasn't used to competitive gaming, 2. I wasn't used to playing against people, I only had bots to kill, and 3. I sucked. But I still enjoyed myself.

    Once again, great article Joe, a truly thought-provoking read.

  9. Lockinvar

    Lockinvar What's a Dremel?

    9 Mar 2008
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    While I've undoubtedly spent more time playing the game Diablo II then any other, I don't consider it an especially good game, just an addictive one. Like popcorn. But the thousands of hours spent mean I can play it in my head. Useful when particularly bored. I'm not kidding.

    Reading over the previous posts, most of the games talked about were influential and important for me too. But one stands out as having been missed: Marathon 2: Durandal. I loved the Dooms, but Marathon 2 was an experience of a different calibre entirely, a story of action, depth and complexity played out before my eyes on my father's work Mac.

    I started out gaming on the venerable Amiga 500, but probably due to my young age, none of the games of that era had a lasting impression. The playstation came along, and the original Tomb Raider grabbed me. I was young and in love with Lara. I havn't played Aniversary yet, but I think I'm going to relive some very fond memories (mammeries?) very soon. But the Playstation era's true gem was Final Fantasy VII. Nothing comes close. I still can't believe even Square pulled off a game so perfect. Someone should have been given a nobel prize for that one. I cried tears of pure happiness and sadness (yes at the same time) when Aeris was killed, simply for the shear beauty of the moment, with her bouncing materia striking the opening chords of the music. I'm getting emotional all over thinking about that.

    I was going to follow that up with spouting the joys of the Baldur's Gate, AoE, and HoMM series, but I just seemed to have talked myself out of it. Final Fantasy VII was superior. I'm still playing the BG's and such, as opposed to FFVII, but that's probably because I no longer have a PSX. ****.. I just put the piano version of the FFVII soundtrack on and I have tears in my eyes. I guess we just found my gaming grail.

    Thanks for the article Joe, rarely would I sign up to a forum to reply to a column.
    Last edited: 9 Mar 2008
  10. Bluephoenix

    Bluephoenix Spoon? What spoon?

    3 Dec 2006
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    well, supposedly FFVII is having a remastered version released for the PS3, which will probably leap off the shelves faster than you can shout "Save 1 for me!!!"
  11. PhenomRed

    PhenomRed What's a Dremel?

    3 Dec 2007
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    First game that really got me hooked was Heroes of Might and Magic II, I started playing in about 1998, at my friends grandmas house. We used to go over there every day after school, would play for a few hours. After a while we invited my brother over, he got hooked and ended up buying it. My younger brother got into too, and eventually 3 of the neighbours got into it just by playing at my place. I now own every HOMM game released, including the horrible HOMMIV.

    Games are addictive, but at least they're not as bad as alcohol and drugs, no matter wat Little Jackie T says
  12. Bauul

    Bauul Sir Bongaminge

    7 Apr 2007
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    Obviously from a purely objective point of view no game is perfect, what I meant was every gamer I know at any rate has one particluar game they hold above all the others. That doesn't make them fanboys, as they understand that that game is only that perfect for them, other people won't see in it what they do. The places these games hold in our hearts is far more about the circumstances in which we played them than the games themselves. Everyone has rosy memories of family Christmases because they were so important to our childhood, regardless of actually how much fun they were. What I meant is that for many people there are certain games that dispite their flaws, despite the lack of universal appeal, despite not actually being perfect, are perfect for them. Obviously you can't compare one game to another across genres and the such like, but you can compare how a game makes you feel, deep inside, and on that front there will always be one game that had more of an impact on your personally than any other, without a doubt.
  13. airchie

    airchie What's a Dremel?

    22 Mar 2005
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    I've been thinking about it and I can't think what it is that keeps me coming back time and again to gaming.
    I've been an avid gamer for over 20 years now, starting with my C64 back in the day.

    The games I always played on that were Paperboy, Turrican, Last Ninja series, Ghosts and Goblins etc.
    Those were the single player games that I remember right now off the top of my head, there were countless more.
    For the games like Paperboy and G&G, I think it was the urge to get further than you did last time that kept me going.
    Last Ninja type games were attractive for the puzzles I think.

    Multiplayer was always way more fun though.
    Bubble Bobble and Gauntlet were awesome to play with friends.
    Not sure WHY they were such fun though.
    Why do we enjoy doing anything?

    After the C64 was the Mega Drive and the best game for it IMO was Desert Strike.
    Or maybe Speedball 2.
    I think the reason Desert Strike was so fun was a semi-open game structure.
    Sure you had to get the radar sites before the power station before the airfields etc but it didn't force you to do them right away.
    You could float about the whole map and shoot random enemy jeeps, find extra lives, find the power-winch etc.
    Also having to balance that with not getting caught short with low fuel miles away from the nearest supply was fun.
    Again, I can't say WHY it was fun, it just was.

    Next up PC, and games like Terror from the Deep, Transport Tycoon, Tie Fighter, Duke Nukem, Command & Conquer etc.
    Transport Tycoon was my first PC LAN game experience (well, null modem not LAN) and it was excellent fun.
    I remember my mate at the time and I would head round to his on Friday afternoon with my PC, hook it to his, bring in a tea-maker, jug of milk, TV to watch Top Gear and massive bags of broken biscuits and go at it for almost 48 hours straight!
    That's got to be some sort of addiction to be doing that but if its something you enjoy, and you're not hurting anyone, why not?

    Duke Nukem was also a regular LAN game for me (proper LAN this time with good ol' NE2000 compatible coax NICs) and we used to get about 5-6 of us together with our machines (486es at the time, mine pwned cos it was the only one with a PCI gfx card, the rest had ISA :D) for deathmatches.
    The fun there was beating your friends, same as its fun to compete against them in squash/football/tennis etc.
    C&C was the same, to see who was the best general (or usually, who was the sneakiest).

    I think the reason games are so much fun is that they're a challenge.
    Can you beat your last score, can you beat the AI, can you beat your mates??

    This makes me think games are a sport.
    Yes, they're not physical (until the Wii came out anyway :D) but they are still "an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively".

    IMO, we enjoy games in the same way, and for the same reasons that we enjoy sports.
    I get the same good feeling after pwning some n00bs in CS as I do after thrashing someone at squash.
    In fact I enjoy it more in some ways, as I don't need to shower after every game and don't have aching muscles the next few days! :D
    Last edited: 9 Mar 2008
  14. Lockinvar

    Lockinvar What's a Dremel?

    9 Mar 2008
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    To say I'm very excited would be an understatement. I hope that rumor's right :D

    Haha, I still dig out HoMM2 for a romp around Broken Alliance. That map should have been remade in every sequel. Green+Wizard for teh win!
    Last edited: 10 Mar 2008
  15. Zyphron

    Zyphron What's a Dremel?

    26 Apr 2007
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    oh wow there are so many. the legend of zelda from the NES.

    most of my game playing started before I was in kindergarden i wasnt allowed to play by myself and couldnt be trusted around the nintendo (i would take it apart, oh dont worry i opened it up anyway) so i waited every day till my sister got home to play those games. but sadly ive never been a console fan and i still find it hard to play alot of games on them.

    what really got me hooked on gaming and more importantly, PC gaming was Mechwarrior 2. not mechwarr1 that was on the SNES. that game was absoulte crud. i loved the options the game had. its graphics were really good for the time it had excellent voice acting. it was all around a awesome game of course ive played Doom/quake and i got the shareware kit that came with our brand new pentium 100.
    I also loved heretic and later hexen. those games were always quite fun to me.
    ive never been into the starcraft/warcraft games. and to this day all of my LAN buddies love those games and i just cant. as good as the gameplay is and as good as the storyline may be i just dont find it intersting to me. The RTS is a touchy thing for because of the micro management way most of them go.

    There was one that I fell in love with ever since I saw it on the cover of a gaming mag.
    Homeworld to me that is the End all of RTS's the build system the storyline, the graphics, multiplayer, and the controls it was all there. it was one of the games i could sit and play without ever picking up the manual or even playing the tutorial. the game was in depth to the extreme. an exiled race trying to get back to their home planet which they dont even remember. i would sit up in my room reading the manual on the ship types, the lore and the different races and tribes of the exiled race. i loved every bit of it. what really hooked me was the multiplayer. the tatics you could use were endless flank, top, bottom, warp, gravwell bomb, Carrier kamakazi, and mind field baiting it was endless. there was also the fact that once you lost your mothership it was over. im not trying to bolster Homeworld up to a higher podium but for me. thats what it was "RTS perfection"
    what really hurts is that no one will play me. every friend i know pretty much knows my obession for it and cant stand losing a few matches to make me happy (i had a 5 foot tidan destroyer poster in my room till i was 17)

    Max Payne too many things to count Deff my fav 3rd person
    Diablo 1 and 2 are deff my favs for Top down.
    FPS is easily The UT series (particually 2004) its cut and dry too "heres some guns, go kill people." (gotta love that)
    systemshock was something different and I loved it to death... if only i could find my install for it.
    MMO i have a softspot for Eve, ive been with it since 2003 but i keep find myself quiting and then starting back, then quiting again.
    as it has been said alot WOW does indeed put all the best elements into one game gotta hand it to blizz.

    And on a side note: I always shot more bison/buffalo then i could carry if i needed 200 lbs i shot 1000 lbs. i still cant beat that game... my whole party keeps dying. buncha slackers i have for a family huh?

    "you die of scurvy."
  16. Xir

    Xir Modder

    26 Apr 2006
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    Hmmm, I've had to think about it, and even though I've spent years playing on an Atari2600 and a Commodore16, the game that hooked me was on our first PC:

    Space Quest

    Only series i've ever finished without cheats or walkthroughs...just weeks of busting my head till I came up with a solution.
    Later (and earlier) adventures like Larry or Kings Quest had you running around a gazillion places, never knowing what to take, beeing pretty much unsolvable without a walkthrough.
    For some reason Monkey Island never made it to my computer :nono:

    Later I turned to shooters (Wolfenstein, Doom3D) ,RTS (Dune II, C&C) and the now dead Spacesims (Freespace, Star/Freelancer, EVE-Online)
  17. Lazlow

    Lazlow I have a dremel.

    8 Aug 2003
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    I started with many PC shareware games - including Duke Nukem and Commander Keen, with my favourite being Wolfenstein 3D. Then I progressed to consoles and didn't really return to PC Gaming until I started Uni in 2002.
  18. Saivert

    Saivert Minimodder

    26 Mar 2005
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    Only one word: AMIGA

    need I say more?
  19. Xtrafresh

    Xtrafresh It never hurts to help

    27 Dec 2007
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    I really can't say what game it was that i first played, but i do know that i loved gaming from my first encounter with it.
    My parents detested it, so i was confined to playing at friends' places.

    The games that grabbed me the most are:
    Mario Bros. 1 (NES)
    Legend of Zelda 1 (NES)

    Ridge Racer Revolution (PS1)
    Destruction Derby (PS1)
    Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)

    Civilisation 2 (PC)
    Homeworld (PC)
    GTA-SA, multiplayer mod called MTA (PC)

    I think i played about 75-150 other games all the way or almost through, and i tried out around 1000. I honoustly don't know the exact numbers, but i try out a LOT of games. The ones listed above all have given me 500+ hours of gameplay, with Destruction Derby as an absolute winner, i think i played that for over 2000 hours. What an absolutely fantastic game that was...

    As to the why...

    All these games gave me the feeling that i was somebody else then i really am. Somebody fantastic, somebody cool, somebody insanely skilled, somebody that holds the fte of the world in his hands.
    The word I am always looking for in games is immersive. I want to be in the game. Final Fantasy 7 is the winner for me there. Without a single shred of doubt the most compelling and immersive game ever made - by far. Nothing has ever come close, and since i'm a bit older and have a bit more "natural" distance from being sucked into my screen, nothing will ever again come close for me.
  20. CarlT2001

    CarlT2001 What's a Dremel?

    23 Jul 2004
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    As far as I can remember I have been in the company of computer games. Started off with the Binatone Colour TV Game 4 plus 2 which had a few versions of Pong on it.
    Then my dad brought home from Dixons an Acetronic MPU-1000. Space Invaders being the highlight and the plane combat was fun too. The soccer game was scary as hell – half time always use to make me jump.
    That got ditched for a Sanyo MPC-100 MSX home computer. Some fantastic games were available for the MSX range of computers. Eric and the Floaters, Trailblazer, Avenger. Spent many hours typing out Basic copied from magazines for very little results!
    The Amiga 500 was next to take pride of place. It took over my life for years. Lotus Turbo Challenge was probably the reason I got one in the first place. Just too many amazing games – Pinball Dreams, Armageddon, Another World, Speedball 2. I was also addicted to buying public domain demo disks.
    Having a younger brother also didn’t help me escape to the real world. I brought him Thunderforce 4 for his Sega mega drive and always played it more than him.
    The trusty Amiga retired graciously to the loft when the Playstation entered the fray. Wipeout was jaw dropping.
    I purchase my first PC thinking I would mainly use it for music and surfing, but Half Life was a must. Homeworld changed me too.
    The Playstation got fed up with being upside down so a PS2 took its place. Gran Turismo being the game of choice or any other good racer.
    The PS2 just got sold recently to make way for a wii. The 10 pin bowling is quality.
    I can’t say if there has been one defining game over my experiences of all these platforms. Just that I have had many happy hours sitting in front of a screen improving my eye hand coordination and I think it will continue until the arthritis sets in.
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