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News TIGA: 1700 industry jobs in UK will be lost

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 12 Mar 2009.

  1. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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  2. lewchenko

    lewchenko Minimodder

    17 Dec 2007
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    This government seems quite happy for just about any skilled job to be removed from the UK and placed in more advantageous locations. Whilst its a noble cause, and the argument stands up to direct comparison with the film industry, I have zero faith in this government to make the correct decision when economics are involved. Even more so now Mandelson is our unelected business representative. He has shown so far that the last thing he cares about is UK workers. And as for Gordon Brown... it beggars belief how this unelected leader is still in power.
  3. pdf27

    pdf27 What's a Dremel?

    6 Jul 2006
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    In the grand scheme of things, that isn't actually very many jobs, and the fraction of turnover from export isn't particularly high either. As an example, the engineering company I work for probably export around 90% of production, and are likely to be shedding well over 300 jobs (many of them very highly skilled) in the near future, in addition to having been working a 4 day week for some time.
    Additionally, the skills are almost impossible to reconstitute once they're gone - something that frankly does not apply to programming computer games. And we're just a medium sized engineering company, which which the UK is overrun - and all our suppliers & customers are suffering just as badly.

    Given all that, what is so special about computer games software which entitles them to a tax break?
  4. Blademrk

    Blademrk Why so serious?

    21 Nov 2003
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    Waiting for the first "I don't Believe it" quote.

    ...wait, that was it wasn't it?

    I think the government doesn't really know what it's doing at this point. They should have stepped in years ago when jobs first started going abroad.
  5. Menon01

    Menon01 What's a Dremel?

    23 Mar 2009
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    The two principles of TIGA are

    * To interface with Government departments and Ministers on all issues that affect the overall wellbeing of the sector - Tiga has relations with BERR, Treasury, Inland Revenue, UKTI, DCMS, DIUS, and the Home Office; we encourage a strong partnership between government and industry, and

    * To develop economic development strategies for the sector that make the UK the place of choice to do 'games' business.

    Solihull jobs
  6. naokaji

    naokaji whatever

    8 Dec 2006
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    Bail outs are not free, so they have to increase the taxes to get the money back.

    Due to high taxes companies move jobs to *insert 3rd world country of choice*.

    So either way, we are doomed.
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