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Time for new Motherboard?

Discussion in 'Asus UK' started by Abbo, 12 Sep 2016.

  1. Abbo

    Abbo ATi or Nvidia?

    11 Jun 2009
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    Hi All

    Looking for some advice. My system is as below:

    Motherboard - ASUS P7P55D Deluxe
    CPU - Intel i7 -860 2.8- GHz
    GPU - ASUS STRIX-R9 390-DC3 8GB
    RAM - Corsair Dominator GT 8GB (4 x 2GB)
    O/S HDD - Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD
    Internal Storage - Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB x 5
    PSU - Corsair HX10000W
    Case - Antec 1200
    Logitech G19 Keyboard

    I undgraded to Windows 10 when the free upgrade happened ages ago. More recently I have been running out of O/S HDD space, so got a 960GB SSD. Installed that this weekend and have been rebuilding. No real problem, but have been experiencing a CPU overheat message when I boot. Doesn't always come up, but looking in the BIOS, the CPU has a temp of 98 degrees C. Thought that's a bit high. I am going to check my motherboard to make sure there is nothing wrong with he CPU fan. In parallel to this, I was also trying to install the software/utilities for the Asus motherboard, and noticed there are no Win10 versions. I know the board is some years old now, but neither of the Win7 or Win 8 versions work either. I was hoping to look at one of the utilities to try to pin point the CPU overheating issue.

    Does it look like there is an issue with the CPU? Or just that the fan can't be controlled properly? Is it time for a new CPU and motherboard?

  2. Will_ASUSUK

    Will_ASUSUK New Member

    20 Jun 2016
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    Apologies you are having issues. Have you tried installing CPU-Z or Speedfan to check your CPU temperatures? You should be able to adjust the fan speed in the bios on the fan curve settings. Also are you overclocking the CPU and or using a stock cooler?

    Kind Regards.

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