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News Toshiba drops HD DVD - the format war is over

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 19 Feb 2008.

  1. sandys

    sandys Well-Known Member

    26 Mar 2006
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    Not that high really considering the high quality and the fact you own a copy, look at the cinema these days over £50 for a family to watch a film on a multiplex screen thats getting smaller and smaller, a room thats getting brighter and brighter with a sound system that rarely sounds balanced anymore, personally I'm starting to think the better experience is had at home.
  2. woodshop

    woodshop UnSeenly

    14 Oct 2003
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    i guess this means i won't be getting my 5 free HDVD's from them... xmas gift becomes paper weight in record time.. startup and load times sucked big time anyway.
  3. E.E.L. Ambiense

    E.E.L. Ambiense Acrylic Heretic

    26 Jul 2007
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    Prices are quite low in comparison to when DVD streeted. I remember paying $40 for a non-anamorphic version of The Crow on DVD back in '97. What a joke.

    Prices will drop pretty soon.
  4. leexgx

    leexgx CPC hang out zone (i Fix pcs i do )

    28 Jun 2006
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    :p <Toshiba expects to end volume production of HD DVD disc drives for PCs and games>

    as i have seen in alot of places no trade place even Lists them on there inventory, alot lot of posts i have seen around is alot may have been wanting an HD-dvd drive for the pc but thay only stock BR drives so most OEM or retailers only sell BR PC drives

    HD-dvd only offers 6gb(or 19gb DL) more then DVD9,
    BR starts at 25gb or 50gb, 16gb or 36gb more then dvd 9

    at least in 5+ years we will be seeing games on BR i guess, (we be able to fit all The Sims add-on packs all onto one DL BR disk :) )
  5. HourBeforeDawn

    HourBeforeDawn a.k.a KazeModz

    26 Oct 2006
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    WOOT I AM SO GLAD anyhow now that all this nonsense is overwith M$ can take their HDi and let Blu-Ray use it so that bluray can get rid of that crappy java interface. ^_^

    You know M$ wont let that die they are bound to let Blu-Ray use it so they can keep making some green assuming they dont want to much for it.
  6. Zyphron

    Zyphron New Member

    26 Apr 2007
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    People joke about holo media and say its too far off but truth be told Digital content delivery is still not up to par to really fight off the retail sales.
    Its that instant gratifcation the consumer gets from taking a 5 min trip to the store and are sitting on the couch watching a movie in under 20.
    Even with Harddrives in the 1Tb sizes while granted its 40 blueray movies (25Gb's each) most people have bigger movie collections.
    Ive always wondered this question if i could fit a 1080i movie (2.5hrs) under 6gb why is HD/BR needed? i know there are extra features, and im sure it has something to do with they way a computer can utilise compression algorthims. why not add in that kind of thing to a Media player?
    HD-Tivo comes to mind.

    I suppose something like that would make sence... and we all know how those ideas go.
  7. mikeuk2004

    mikeuk2004 What you Looking at Fool!

    3 Sep 2004
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