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Hardware Tuniq Tower 120

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 1 Nov 2007.

  1. Jodiuh

    Jodiuh What's a Dremel?

    17 Mar 2006
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    Whoops...my Tuniq was quiet because I stuck an SFLEX E in there. :D The last 5 heatsinks would be:

    TRUE 120 w/ Scythe SFLEX E, horrible mount, but easily fixable
    Tuniq w/ same fan or fan on mid-low...high was loud...very loud
    Zalman 9500, low was quiet, high loud
    Scythe ninja w/ Silverstone FN-120 (it was the quiet black one)
    Thermalright 120, the non tower version w/ a yate loon and pretty quiet

    All of those got a nice lapping and all of them improved temps because of it. For reference, the 8800GT becomes audible @ 35% and annoying @ 45% in my case.
  2. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    order placed for the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme :rock: hope it's as easy to install as my current Zalman 9500
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