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News UK Govt. to hear calls to disconnect file sharers

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 12 May 2009.

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    yep families going to the movies it's murder on the wallet.. and it is the movie industry to blame for the higher ticket prices- you know 100% of the money you pay up front goes to paying off the actors and producers- the theater doesn't make any of it.. I was shocked to learn that- all the money they make is from the concession inside (why I don't cry about the 6 dollar hotdogs- I usually smuggle my own stuff in anyway)

    I think piracy in the state it is today.. is pretty much out of control.. if you make it as easy as it is today to steal- it goes back to the monkey with the banana in front of his face

    but disconnect people, that's going too far.. they need to get a grip on the reality of it all and figure out a way to profit- that's the thing.. the people upset over piracy don't really know anything other than craigslist, facebook, email and roid rage.. if they could come up with something worth while or even think outside the box (like apple did with music)

    I mean we are paying for our broadband.. it's like pay tv- what your going to limit me to email on my 10mb connect? just so silly the way these groups work
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