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News [UK] Teen hacker avoids jail sentence

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by acrimonious, 2 Feb 2004.

  1. acrimonious

    acrimonious Custom User Title:

    8 Nov 2002
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    "A UK teenager who hacked into a US Government laboratory's computer network has been ordered to serve 200 hours community service.
    Joseph McElroy used the lab's computers for films and music taken from the net.

    Southwark Crown Court waived a demand for £21,000 in damages as it ruled that McElroy could not pay the fine.

    The June 2002 intrusion by the Exeter University student sparked a full-scale alert at the Chicago laboratory, which researches high-energy particles."

    Full story from the BBC: here
  2. x3x3non

    x3x3non What's a Dremel?

    9 Feb 2004
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    Hahaha, that pretty funny, especially because he didnt do any harm. Comon, those people taht want him to pay 21,000 and go behind bars are real asses. He couldn't stand the time in prison (JUST LOOK AT HIM, HE IS A REAL UBER GEEK). But the 200 hours of community service will expose him to some sunlight... which he needs.
  3. Altron

    Altron Minimodder

    12 Dec 2002
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    Notice, it is never "The company had crap security and the kid was a good hacker", it's always "They took advantage of a flaw in the security system"
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