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Case Mod - In Progress Ultra Tower "SUPER STREAM" Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational 2019

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by LongLove, 2 Dec 2019.

  1. LongLove

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    14 May 2016
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    I confess that I have been trying to enter the Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational contest for three years. But it was impossible. Therefore, he took part for three years, unsuccessfully, in the most biased modding contest from Cooler Master. And suddenly in the spring of 2019 my candidacy was approved. By the way, what is remarkable, sing the first project was in the Thermaltake Core P1 case called "coreROG"

    We thought for a long time what to do with CORE P5. On his meringues already have a lot of things, from a beautiful, futuristic-up crazy. But I have a principle the ratio of several factors Style / Beauty / Functionality / Practicality. And so the Ultra Tower project “SUPER STREAM” came about. At first there was a very boring drawing with a general concept on which dimensions and layout were adjusted. And it is so unfortunate that the Ultra Tower format in housing construction is forgotten. Everything tends to miniature, but these giants have been completely forgotten .... but we remembered! How do you like Ilon Mask !!! And if you recall the trends of the outgoing 2019, think a bit about how to glue it all together beautifully and make it functional. Then you get the Ultra Tower "SUPER STREAM". And what is noteworthy, not one of the latest Ultra Tower cases falls into these trends.

    00.jpg 01.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg
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    13 May 2007
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    I like what I see.

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