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Development Upload a picture as part of a form

Discussion in 'Software' started by :: Phat ::, 5 Sep 2006.

  1. :: Phat ::

    :: Phat :: Oooh shakalaka!

    7 Jun 2002
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    I'd like to have an online form and would like to be able to upload an image which falls within dimension and/or kb limits as part of a form.

    Whats the best way of doing it? The server already has sendmail installed if thats any help?

    I thought of having an upload script, when upon upload would send you onto the next page which would pass the variable into the form telling the operator the other end which image file within a certain folder belongs to that user?
  2. Nath

    Nath Your appeal has already been filed.

    28 Dec 2003
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    This with this and this. As for file size, you could either set the maximum size as the hidden field in the form (see first link) or just check the $_FILES['fieldname'] array afterwards, the size of the image is stored in kilobytes iirc.

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