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Other URGENT! help me set up email in outlook (program). 2nd time this is happening

Discussion in 'General' started by projectfear22, 28 Apr 2017.

  1. projectfear22

    projectfear22 What's a Dremel?

    14 Jun 2015
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    So I was supposed to receive an email for my future job. And I didn't. I suspect they have sent it from outlook (program) instead of some internet mail site. And that might be the cause? Is it? (because I'm always checking my hotmail on the internet)

    I followed these instructions to try and create the same (internet outlook site) email in the actual program rather than the internet outlook mail.

    https://support.office.com/en-us/ar...148b23?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US#step42007_bkmk (clicked on "2010, 2007" then "Set up a supported or an unsupported version of Outlook" then "Which version of Outlook... 2007" Then I read it all)

    - Upon starting Outlook 2007 two exact same windows appear saying "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. View Certificate... Do you want to continue using this server? It's Issued to: *.hotmail.com, Issued by: GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - SHA256 - G2

    - My stuff is stuck in the outbox

    - Aside of that it's totally empty, nothing from my internet hotmail is in it (inbox, junk, deleted, sent, nothing...)

    - clicking on my email and "more settings" and "connection" it's set on to connect via LAN (by default) but should it be like that? I'm using some modem and have only this pc

    - I clicked "Test account settings" on the only email account I added and this pops up:

    "Send test e-mail message: The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or internet service provider (isp). The server responded: 550 5.7.3 Requested action aborted; user not authenticated"

    - I have only telnet clien (not telnet server) windows feature enabled, should it stay like that? I enabled it to test port 25 in cmd.exe, it seemed to be working, I'm not sure however as I had no image to compare it to (to see if it indeed is working), Should that stay enabled or?
  2. Digi

    Digi The not-so-funny Cockney

    23 Nov 2009
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    Whether they send it from the 'program' or from the web gui it won't make a difference. If it's actually been sent.

    You sound like you're trying to setup hotmail on outlook 2007? Can you not just login to hotmail via the web browser to see if you've got the mail you're expecting? If you haven't got it there then setting up mail in Outlook won't make it magically appear.
  3. sparkyboy22

    sparkyboy22 Web Tinkerer

    3 May 2010
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  4. julianmartin

    julianmartin resident cyborg.

    25 Jul 2004
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    Perhaps you need to enable outgoing email authentication.
  5. jrs77

    jrs77 Modder

    17 Feb 2006
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