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Networks US Prices for High Speed Internet? >=T1

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by OneSeventeen, 3 Mar 2005.

  1. OneSeventeen

    OneSeventeen Oooh Shiny!

    3 Apr 2002
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    I'm trying to start up a small dedicated server business. Mainly because I have access to servers, and now I just need a room to put them in, and some bandwidth.

    Has anyone here had experience purchasing crazy fast internet connections? I want to mainly use these for stuff like counter strike: source, and decreasing ping time is the goal.

    I've found a few local places that offer 1.1Mbps for $300, but I get better than that usually from my $40 cable internet.

    I'm planning on having about 5 servers allowing 20 people each, if that helps give an idea of what kind of bandwidth I'll need to start out with. I'm just tired of googling just to get "call for price" on every service. If I have to call, that means it is either too expensive, or they are able to charge me higher than they normally would, because I have nothing to compare it to.

    (or it could mean they offer so many features that to calculate the cost I would have to spend an hour entering preferences, but that makes the company look good, and doesn't help my cause of complaining about things I can't controll... so we'll ignore that.)
  2. Xipher

    Xipher What's a Dremel?

    25 Apr 2004
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    First off, that 1.1mbps connection is dedicated, unlike your cable connection which is shared with your neighbors, and your upload is probably capped at a lower speed, but theirs is most likely 1.1 both ways. Also, look for Colo (Colocated) hosting, basicly you pay for rack space and connectivity. Also, most T1 lines alone cost in the areas of 500-1000 dollars a month. you raise that (T3, OC1, OC3, OCXX,) your gonna be paying out your ... for those connections. Like I said, look for Colo hosting, normally they give you a specific number of units of the rack, or you have to pay per rack, and then the connection, IP's, and what not are something you either work out with them, or is determined by a package. This is all the info I can give you.
  3. ChegsJAR

    ChegsJAR What's a Dremel?

    7 Sep 2003
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    like Xipher said you really want colocation.

    Having servers in your back room isn't a way to run a business. You wont have the back up power, or the connections they you really need.

    Plus colo will probally be cheaper for the connection

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