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Peripherals USB issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by angelus, 8 Nov 2011.

  1. angelus

    angelus What's a Dremel?

    24 Oct 2011
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    You wouldnt believe how difficult it is to post this!

    So anyway I think it may be my mouse at fault but not sure so thought I would ask you knowledgable lot. My mouse, nor my mini usb hoover thing are working yet my printer which is also usb but doesnt pull power that way is.

    Now I have just recently put a GTX 560TI and a 700w power pack in my pc and for the first few days everything seemed fine but then the two above peripherals which pull power from usb dont seem to work but heres what happened

    Was playing star trek online. Everything worked fine apart from a few server disconnects (nothing to do with the modem it was fine) then I decided to play a little COD MW2 and at first it seemed ok. But then I couldnt aim then it would kick back on and I noticed my optical mouse (USB) was going off and on of its own choice. if i shook it or tapped the optical sensor it would come back for a bit but not long and if i turned the mouse upside down and used my finger on the optical sensor it seemed fine.

    So do you think its the mouse the usb ports or maybe the power pack?


    (imagine trying to access the web then this site then the forum then posting with no goddamn mouse)

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