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Electronics Useful Links (Electronics)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by cpemma, 13 Feb 2002.

  1. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    Please add any electronics-related links you think useful, I'll try to fit them into categories as below for ease of use, so don't be upset if your post disappears. ;)

    And please PM me about any dead links, curse of the internet. :wallbash:

    Top Tip :
    Google will find a datasheet or info far faster than wading through a site or waiting for an answer. ;) And check Google Groups for user opinion on stuff, it's a goldmine. :thumb:

    General Principles : Ohm's Law, how stuff works in theory if not in practice...

    Guide to Electronics 101 - aka Electronics for the Modder. A forum thread covering some popular modding parts, how to use them.

    LCD's and VFD's - The Ultimate FAQ - includes laptop screens. The Cheese Guide.

    Component data : Where to find datasheets, IC pin-outs, manufacturer's sites, picking the right part...

    Where to buy parts online
    PC Connectors & Cables : Pin-outs, wiring colours, part names & numbers...

    Schematic & PCB Design Software : Mainly freeware... includes circuit simulation, stripboard design.

    Construction Techniques : Making PCBs by iron-on, UV and other methods; how to solder, from basic to SMD components; prototyping, etc...

    PSUs : Official specs; repair & modding guides

    Fan Control : Information and Circuits, including the Bit-Tech guides...

    Interfacing : Using ports (serial, parallel, usb, etc); remote control hardware & software...

    LEDs : Teh blue-eyed monsters... how to use, resistor calculation, what to buy...

    PICs & other µPC : How to use, what you need, where to buy...

    More Schematic Collections : Mainly non-computer related - audio, gadgets, digital & analogue.

    Technical Books : Recommended reading in hard copy.

    Popular Projects:
    Threads covering stuff Bit-Tech members have built.

    More Links :
    Bit-Tech mods : The full list. :D :thumb:

    ePanorama.net : Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Pages

    Car Electronics : the12volt.com, providing mobile electronics installers with an on-line resource for technical information as well as tips and tricks of the trade.
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  2. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    General Principles:
    Electronics4Idiots : Hazer's Tutorials - noobs start here :thumb:

    Kelsey Park School Electronics Club, Practical Electronics Guide :Ideal for n00bs, how to identify components, solder them up in the right places, and de-solder them if you cock up. With some flashy led projects to practice on.

    Basic Electricity for Modders : Japala's site (from eyescum)

    Using a multimeter: Goldfish Guide for n00bs.

    Circuit Symbols for electronic components: (from NuTech)

    Electronic Circuit Symbols & Notations : An explanation of different component value systems used in the UK, USA and Europe (pdf file).

    Beginners Guide to Electronics : Free eBook explains how transistors work, example circuits, etc, by Satcure.

    Basic Electronics : A series of tutorials covering most bases.

    Lessons In Electric Circuits : A massive series of volumes in pdf or html, some still under construction. Written for beginners but plenty of depth if you need it; the Experiments volume has lots of simple breadboard circuits to try.

    Electronics Index : A series of practical articles from Dr Elizabeth R. Tuttle, Professor of Engineering, University of Denver, covering 'transisting' and stuff.

    Op-Amps : Good basic guide on the various common applications and what the datasheet properties mean.

    Component data:
    The Datasheet Archive : Over 360,000 pdf datasheets, including many for obsolete components. Top site. :thumb:

    World Electronic Components Datasheet Search : 800,000 in their collection. Good search system.

    All Datasheet : Claim to have over a million, good search system.

    World of Electronics : Links to component manufacturers sites.

    Sam Electronic Circuits - Datasheets: Quick links to ic and transistor data.

    IC Pin-outs: Loads of common chips, but nasty ascii (from linear)

    Fairchild Semiconductors : datasheets

    National Semiconductor Products Catalog : datasheets

    Maxim Integrated Products: datasheets

    Semiconductor logic device cross-reference: Alternative chips.

    The SMD Code Book : Tiny transistors and dinky diodes.

    Basic Components Explained : 5-star guide to selection of passive components (resistors, capacitors, etc). :thumb:

    317 Calculator : Works out the resistors needed for any output voltage.

    PC Connectors & Cables:
    Connector pin-outs : Ports, plugs and conectors.

    Motherboard Power Connectors : Other pages cover drive connectors, etc.

    The Hardware Book : includes making up adaptors & schematics ((from zz300)

    Power Connector Reference : Makers' codes for various PC connectors (Guges)

    PC Connectors - Mouser codes : Hazer's shopping list.
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  3. IsaacSibson

    IsaacSibson Banned

    15 Nov 2001
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    Practical Stuff

    Fan Control:
    Make Your Own Fanbus : Virtual Hideout how-to. Check out their Guides for other fan-control stuff.

    Cliff's FanBus : Custom Solutions for the Overclocker and Hobbyist. DEad at the moment, but try the Wayback Machine.

    Fan Noise Solutions: Construction guides and tips.

    Fan Speed Control is Cool!: Tutorial from Maxim.

    Solving Cooling Fan Problems with a Smart Sensor: from Sensors - June 2000.

    Nidec Fan Circuits, Sizes and Signals: How the speed lead feeds.

    7Volts : How-tos and Tips.

    Fan Control - Bit-Tech articles:
    macroman - Adding a Rheostat :

    macroman - The Fanbus : (Low-drop-out linear regulator) [Through Wayback Machine]

    macroman - PWM Fan Controller : (Using the MIC502)

    The Official ATX PSU Specs : Plus all the other forms.

    Anatomy of Switching Power Supplies : A tutorial on ATX PSUs "explaining what is inside the box, what are the power supply main components, how to identify them and what they do." (from Oct 2006 so not too dated).

    200W ATX PC POWER SUPPLY : (dated schematic)

    Making a bench 5V and 12V supply from an old ATX PSU - Bit-Tech Modding Guide, links to similar projects.

    Power from a PC : Available voltages and current limits.

    Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode Power Supplies :Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ, includes safety tips. Other pages on the site cover trouble-shooting most domestic electrical items.

    Computer PSU repair : 580kb pdf file from Nuts&Volts

    Schematic Collections:
    Electronic Schematics on the Web : Long list of links

    Bill Bowden's Hobby Circuits : :thumb:

    Tony Roon's collection :

    Discover Circuits : 6000+ circuits indexed by category. :thumb: :thumb:

    ElectronicsZone : Electronic circuits & tutorials.

    Electronic Projects Online : Circuits by Paul Stenning

    Schematics For Free :Service manuals and circuits for a wide range of domestic electronic stuff.
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  4. IsaacSibson

    IsaacSibson Banned

    15 Nov 2001
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    Good Books

    I think I want to add to this a reading list:

    The definitive electronics text is "The Art of Electronics", by Horowitz and Hill, Cambridge Press, ISBN 0-521-37095-7

    Other useful texts:
    Engineering Circuit Analysis, Hayt & Kemmerly, Mcgraw-Hill, 0-07-112736-4 This is a useful text concerning analysis techniques, such as nodal analysis and use of matrices. Goes on to look at the use of complex variables for frequency-dependant systems. Assumes at least A-level prior knowledge.

    Electronic Systems, M.W. Brimicombe, Nelson, 0-17-448067-9 This is a more basic text, which is actually aimed as an A-level textbook, but it does rather miss out the more basic level things such as ohm's law, power equation, etc. Little prior knowledge needed though.

    Looking at my book collection, the rest are rather more focused than most people here would want (things like "Digital System Design with VHDL", "Computer Organisation and Design", "Communication Engineering Principles", which I can assure you are wildly exciting reading. Really.).

    If someone else can recommend a good introductory textbook, that would be good too.
  5. cderalow

    cderalow bondage master!

    23 Jan 2002
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    US vendors for components:

    Action Electronics: Weird place, common passives, connectors and hardware, but a marked shortage of silicon. :confused:

    All Electronics: $6 shipping for most orders, no minimum order. Fairly eclectic selection, but at bargain prices. Quite a bit of pulled equipment. Uses UPS to ship, warehouse in Van Nuys, CA. (whypick1)

    Allied Electronics :No minimum order, on-line catalog browsing in pdf so a bit slow. "I also like allied electronics" - MrSaLTy. Will export, $50 minimum + delivery.

    Am. Sci. & Surplus:

    BG Micro:

    Circuit Specialists (Web-Tronics) :Decent range of basic components. Kits, pcb making supplies & lots of other odds and ends. No minimum order. (MrSaLTy)

    Dale Wheat:

    Digi-Key: Has almost anything.... (my search for a 1000uF 50V capacitor found 51 different models - cpemma). They can be a little spendy though. $5.00 handling charge if your order is less then $25.00. The digikey website could be better, but they have great ship times to me in the midwest. (MrSaLTy)


    Electronix Express:

    Excess Solutions:

    Future Active:

    Futurlec: $3 shipping for most orders to anywhere in the world, so good for everybody. VERY cheap prices, but not a huge selection; mostly passive components and fairly common ICs (but they do have a few rare goodies, like QT110 touch-sensor chip). Make sure to pick up the component packs though, as they're also incredibly cheap. Delivery 7-10 days as orders come from Thailand. (whypick1)


    Hosfelt: $5 minimum order, small range covering the popular stuff, prices look low. Aimed at hobbyists, also do a range of kits.

    Jameco: Either the easiest or the most inane site to browse through. Almost everything they have has an actual color picture (unlike Mouser), but a lot of items are just plain in the wrong category (for example, copper clad PC board are in one of the D-Subminiature connector categories), and the printed catalog is of no use either because it doesn't list half of the stuff (every other page says "go to jameco.com to see the other ## items in this category"). That being said, they do stock quite a bit, so its worth checking out. $7 for orders under 2lb, UPS, also from CA. (whypick1)

    Mouser: HUGE selection (my search for a 1000uF 50V capacitor found over 60 different ones - cpemma). Make sure to either use their PDF catalog browser or get the free catalog sent to you; browsing this site willy-nilly is not advised. Most items have links to datasheets, which is nice. Some stuff is uber-cheap, while some things can be had much cheaper at other places, but there's still the fact that you can probably find everything you need all at this one place. No minimum order, no handling fees, shipping charged at cost (will be around $4-6 for your typical order by UPS - (whypick1) (nlaehcim suggests you check out the various delivery options depending on your rush).


    Newark: Wide range, lots of things that you can't find at other places. I found MIC502 fan management chips there when I couldn't find them anywhere else. They are very spendy though. (MrSaLTy) Canadians can place orders with http://canada.newark.com/. Not the easiest site to use unless you know exactly what you want & use the Search box. No minimum order, but $5 "service charge" on orders under $25.

    Specialist Stuff

    LED, Opto :
    ELED :

    lsdiodes : Cheap leds.

    superbrightleds :Bright leds, top marks for the data info. :geek:

    fiberoptics : (beware annoying sounds on page)

    µPC - PIC, PLC, etc. :
    GlitchBuster : Microchip PICs, very nice prices and accessories for µProcessor stuff. Cheap shipping. {from Hazer)

    Spark Fun Electronics : Prototyping suppllies. Has cheap PIC programmers and other very useful components (like Rx/Tx pairs). Sends international as well. (from Hazer)

    Quality Transmission Components (QTC) : ...a leading supplier of medium and coarse pitch metric gears throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico (from Twernmilt)
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  6. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    Construction Techniques

    Effects Building Techniques: Everything from breadboard to pcb.

    EPE Basic Soldering Guide: from Everyday Practical Electronics magazine. :thumb:

    NASA Soldering Guide: See 3.1.1. A series of short video clips, showing tools needed, how to prepare your iron (but don't flick excess solder off when soldering indoors, it gets in the carpet :worried: ) and make the joints. And it's sole-duh, Mr NASA guy. :rolleyes:

    Guidebook - Soldering Procedures: A very comprehensive series of guides covering basics, surface-mount components and de-soldering.

    Technick.net: PCBs - Various fabrication methods.

    Easy PCB Fabrication : Thomas P. Gootee Laser Printer Toner Transfer method, as seen on TV ;)
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  7. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    Free Schematic, PCB & Stripboard Design Software:

    CadSoft - EAGLE Layout Editor: Schematic drawing & PCB design.

    CircuitMaker Student : Schematic drawing & Spice simulator. [Looks like this free program has been abandoned, if this one doesn't work try googling, someone may host a copy]

    SwitcherCad : Free schematic drawing & Spice simulator from Linear Technologies.

    SiMetrix/SIMPLIS Intro : Free schematic drawing & Spice simulator from Catena.

    ExpressPCB : Schematic & PCB design, etch your own or they will produce.

    Labcenter Electronics - (Ares & Isis): Various packages to draw, pcb design & simulate circuits.

    PCB123 : They will also produce pcbs for your design.

    StripBoard Magic : Design program for veroboard. *New URL*

    VCad : Freeware design editor for stripboard, works with the Open Source TinyCad schematic drawing program.

    Target 3001! : Circuit draw/simulate/pcb design and links to many others.

    Vutrax Electronics CAD: PCB design.

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  8. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    UK Component & Kit Suppliers :

    (delivery charges generally apply to under 1kg within UK)

    Bowood Electronics : Basic range of the most popular components and hardware with some £1 bargain packs. Low delivery charge for small (light) orders (from Kalym)

    CPC : Branch of Farnell originally for branded spare parts but branching into components. No minimum order, sliding scale of delivery charges, £5 +VAT (to £15), £4 +VAT(to £25), £3 (to £30) then free. (from sh3rb). Not the full Farnell range (but close), and the Search engine designed by a moron.

    Doctronics : Electronics Construction Kits (inc Knight Rider)

    ESR Electronic Components : Basic no-frills range covering most popular components, a good range of transistors. (and if you want a 1000W bulb to light your case, this is the place ;).) No online shop, but catalogue available as pdf files. Do 1-off resistors, unlike Farnell, Rapid and RS, & much cheaper than Maplin. UK Delivery £2.50 +VAT, £3.50 to EC.

    Farnell : Components galore, but I hate their database system. OK if you know what you want, useless for browsing. "The minimum order value for non-account credit or debit card customers is £20...The Company reserves the right to charge a handling charge of £3 on all orders under £30." Usually free, so may only apply to heavy stuff. Risky says Farnell stock a wide range of Papst fans and that any Papst with /2 in the code (after the N) eg 8412N/2GL has a third wire for speed monitoring.

    Futurlec : Not a UK firm, but their prices are very low and delivery is cheaper (if slower) than any of the home firms - $4 = £2.30 worldwide. And no VAT on orders under £18. :)

    Maplin Electronics : Decent range of the most popular components, kits, hardware. Fast delivery, online and in the High Street, but not the cheapest. Delivery £2.50, free over £35.

    OMC-UK : Lord_A says "Really good LED, Fibre, and other opto products."

    Quasar Electronics : Electronic Project Kits, look good value. PIC programmers, etc.

    Rapid Electronics : Good range of branded components, generally cheaper than the much bigger Farnell and RS. Online shop, no minimum order, delivery £3.45 (+VAT), free over £25.

    RS Online : Top UK component supplier. No minimum order, delivery £4.95 +VAT. No relation to RatShack.

    Technobots: Robotics, model and technology supplies. More engineering materials rather than electronics, but looks handy for advanced modders.

    Technology Supplies : 50 ohm 3W Rheostats. The Online Shop only takes orders from schools or account holders, but you can browse & "Personal orders are welcome with payment by credit card or personal cheque equally acceptable."

    Middlesex University Teaching Resources : Not a wide range of components, but lots of odds & sods that might come in... ;) Site menu borked in Firefox :rolleyes:

    Vision Aids : Supplies spares for TV sets, VCRs etc. as well as security camera systems.
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  9. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    LEDs :

    linear's LED Center : Everything you need in one shop. :thumb:

    SteveyG Illustrated Guide to using LEDS. With added photos.

    Don's LED Main Page: Gimme the faqs...

    The LED museum: More faqs

    Kingbright's LED Application Note is a good reference for led properties, how to solder, how to wire up, etc.

    Starship Modeler : Lighting Effects with LEDs

    Changing the LED colour in Optical Mice :Conkbot of Doom's research.

    Understanding your Light Chaser : a simple 6-led back & forth chaser.

    Keyboard leds : Japala adds a drive activity chaser

    Specialist Led & Opto Suppliers :
    Best Hong Kong and The LED Shoppe :Cheap if you want lots, both ship worldwide from HK.

    ELED : (US)

    fiberoptics : (US - beware annoying sounds on page)

    lsdiodes : Cheap leds (US, ship international)

    OMC-UK : (UK) Lord_A says "Really good LED, Fibre, and other opto products."

    Phenoptix : UK shop with low delivery charges, delivers world-wide.

    superbrightleds : (US) Bright leds, top marks for the data info. :geek:
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  10. evil_t

    evil_t What's a Dremel?

    30 Sep 2003
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    Continental Europe Suppliers :

    ELFA : Swedish, multilingual site, components and datasheets, overview of numbers to different types of ic's.

    DIL Electronika : Formerly called Eska-Shop. Netherlands, also in Portugese and English. Small, but a wide range of components.

    Van Ooijen Technische Informatica : Dutch 1-man business. "In my webshop I sell Microchip PICmicro chips (microcontrollers) and related electronics." Is available in English and Dutch, and sends international as well. Relix says: "I think it has great prices and shipping costs are doable as well (Inside europe: 5 euro)."

    Reichelt Elektronik : Germany, seems a wide selection.

    Futurlec : Posted from Thailand, priced in US$, exchange rate based on Aus$, :confused: but cheap world-wide delivery, so well worth a look. ;)
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  11. Pandalet

    Pandalet What's a Dremel?

    29 Dec 2003
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    Interfacing :

    Using the USB port : Links to useful info, member tales and experience.

    A VERY useful manufacturer if you're planning to make things talk USB is Future Technology Devices International, who make a range of USB UARTs and FIFO devices. What this means, in layman's terms, is that if you have something that can talk via a serial or parallel port, then it can talk USB by just adding in one of these chips; it's that simple! One warning - the chips only come in surface mount packages (LQFP), so some fancy soldering may be needed.

    LEDMeter : Monitor cpu activity via the parallel port (PointOfNoReturn).

    DS1621 PC-powered thermometer: Taskbar display of probe temperature, uses serial port.

    WinLIRC : IR control your PC programs via the serial port.

    DiscoLitez : Some serial port control circuits and software.

    GideonTech : Skylined shows how to control 7-segment displays from the PP.

    Interfacing the PC's Keyboard : Same site covers serial, parallel & other ports, lots of info on USB.

    Computer Christmas site :Lots of ways to control lighting, etc, from PC ports.

    Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research : "The developer's resource for computer interfacing, especially Ethernet and Internet communications for embedded systems, USB, parallel port, and RS-232 and RS-485 serial communications."

    Stepping Motor Control : Tutorial from Iowa University. (from mattg2k4)

    ePanorama.net : Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Pages (from eaterofpies) :thumb:
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  12. relix

    relix Minimodder

    14 Nov 2001
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    Perhaps you could add a line after each URL of a vendor that ships international, and if so, what the rates are. This would make it for us foreign browsers MUCH easier.

    I've started investigating a little, and here are some results (there will be added more when I investigate more ;))

    Source: http://sales.digikey.com/scripts/sales.dll?site=US;source=search and
    http://sales.digikey.com/ship_cost.asp (use links on that page for canada and international)

    Ships international? Yes
    Shipping price:
    USA: $5 handling fee (if under $25) + unknown shipping fee
    Canada: $5 handling fee (if under $25) + unknown shipping fee (minimum $9)
    International: $5 handling fee (if under $25) + $6 international handling fee + unknown shipping fee (minimum $18)

    B.G. Micro:

    Source: http://www.bgmicro.com/about.asp
    Ships international? yes
    Shipping price:
    USA: $6 for under 4 pounds; according to wheight and zone for over 4 pounds; over $50 add $0.85 for insurance
    Canada: $6 + $7.50 shipping and handling minimum
    International: $6 + $15.00 shipping and handling minimum


    Ships international? yes
    Shipping price: I've contacted them for a price request of shipping something inside the EU of about 300gr: "We do deliver to Belgium, if the goods can go by post the charge is £3.50, if not, £12.00. We use UPS for delivery."

    Electronix Express:

    Source: http://www.elexp.com/order.htm#prices
    Ships international? yes
    Minimum order: $20
    USA: Prepaid: minimum $6 or %5 of the order, whichever is greater
    Open Order: UPS chart plus handling and insurance charges will be billed at cost
    International: you need to contact them. I've contacted them asking a quote for a package of 300gr or $25, to Europe (UK or Belgium), if they need specific information to calculate the costs.


    Source: http://www.electronix.com/catalog/shipping.php
    Ships international: unknown (requested)
    Minimum order: $10
    USA: $2 handling + Carrier chart rate based on package weight and zone

    Excess Solutions:

    Source: http://www.excess-solutions.com/faq.htm#How much will the shipping charges be for my order
    Ships International: yes
    Minimum order: $25
    USA: add items to cart to check (is unavailable at time of writing), charge no handling, just what UPS charges
    International: see USA.


    Ships International: unknown (queried)
    UK: £1.50 fixed charge


    Source: http://www.quasarelectronics.com/ordering.htm
    Ships International: yes
    UK: £2.00 up to 2kg
    Europe (inc Ireland): £6.00 up to 1kg
    Rest of world: £10.00 up to 1kg
  13. Risky

    Risky Modder

    10 Sep 2001
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    PICs & other uPC

    Learning PIC:
    Hazer's Intro to PICs : Aimed at n00bs.

    Learning other uPC:
    AVR Beginners :"We're trying to get people who are new to AVR microcontrollers some sort of start on them."
    AVR Freaks :Forums, info & tools for more advanced AVR fans.

    PIC Programmers: What to buy, how to build, software...
    Microchip : Free programming software, datasheets.
    JDM Programmer : Build your own, get the utilities.

    Programmers for other uPC:
    Atmel AVR:Datasheets, tools, etc.

    Code sources : Why re-invent wheels?
    PIC List : A mailing list, but lots of archived projects & code.
    Microchip forums : Good place to ask the hard questions.

    http://www.phanderson.com/ : PIC based kits, sensors, LCD, 1-wire, also PIC and sensor related supplies. Reasonable prices, ships worldwide.
    GlitchBuster : Microchip PICs, very nice prices and accessories for uprocessor stuff. Cheap shipping. {from Hazer, US)
    Spark Fun Electronics : Prototyping suppllies. Has cheap PIC programmers and other very useful components (like Rx/Tx pairs). Sends international as well. (from Hazer, US)
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  14. Hazer

    Hazer In time,you too will be relixalated

    14 Apr 2003
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  15. MrWizard6600

    MrWizard6600 What's a Dremel?

    20 Jun 2006
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    I'm after a 1:1 image of a motherboard with the information about the placement of the standoffs. I cant find one anywhere here... any help?
  16. ChromeX

    ChromeX Minimodder

    12 Aug 2004
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    Closest I can find is this:


    Doesnt have a 1:1 image, but its got all the dimensions so you can draw your own if need be.
  17. m0ng0lh0rde

    m0ng0lh0rde What's a Dremel?

    5 Jun 2004
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  18. nick4u1

    nick4u1 What's a Dremel?

    17 Sep 2009
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    LED Lights

    If you fancy some strip LED lights..


  19. Mechh69

    Mechh69 I think we can make that fit

    16 Sep 2009
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    I know most here wont use this but i found this helpful when trying to calculate my power needs for my new build, the free version is kind of basic, with the upgraded version it goes in to the most common components of you system and also has a water cooling loop builder. "not in to water cooling yet so im not sure how well that works.

  20. darcylars

    darcylars What's a Dremel?

    11 Dec 2009
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    Thanks for sharing this link with us, I gone through this links ,,its great.
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