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Useless Gamer: Dying Light

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 26 Mar 2015.

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    29 Jul 2014
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    At MSI, most of us are gamers in the true sense of the word – we spend a lot of our free time playing the latest and greatest titles, and many of us even keep track of what’s going on in e-sports. Not because it’s work, but because we’re simply passionate.

    Logically, therefore, we’re forcing one of our more technical marketing guys who’s not really a massive fan of games, but more of an occasional gamer, to play games. And record his mishaps. We’ve named the project “Useless Gamer,” because frankly, he is useless. Find out exactly how useless from his Dying Light video introduction with commentary below.

    Link to the video:

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