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UV Goodies @ CoolcaseMods

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Koolvin, 30 Sep 2001.

  1. Fly

    Fly inter arma silent leges

    31 Aug 2001
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    Yeah, staring at it in a darkened room seeing what effect the thing had on banknotes, credit cards and anything else around. I am sure that pregnant women shouldn't be exposed to it or something... I'm not pregnant so no problem there...

    I only remember being told at the health and safety brief when I was DJing that the UV Black Lights could be dangerous if they were not suspended as high as they were.

    Who cares about headaches... we're all gonna die of brain tumors from using mobile phones, lung cancer from passive smoking and I think I may die of sleep depravation.

    Pass me the Jolt Cola to wash down the ProPlus!

  2. :: kna ::

    :: kna :: POCOYO! Moderator

    15 Mar 2001
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    Hello, yes I know I'm supposed to be on hols but I'm ill and off work today so I'm bored..

    So far as I know (important, don't quote me on it), prolonged exposure to direct UV light from 'low intensity' sources (like the ones you get in clubs and PCs etc.. can sunburn your retina or something.. you're not going to suddenly go sterile and get a brain tumor or anything.

    The general idea is that you don't stare at the actual source itself and just at the light from reflected objects.. you have to remember that if they were really dangerous they would have to sell them with a warning.. if at all.

    On another note, a cool trick is to hold your normal cathode up to a UV tube and watch it glow :D
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