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News Valve opens Steam Controller, Steam Link pre-orders

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 5 Jun 2015.

  1. SchizoFrog

    SchizoFrog New Member

    5 May 2009
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    My issue wasn't the Xbox One controller over the 360. For the price I would stick with the 360. It's just that the last time I looked they were impossible to find but after your comment I have looked now and can find them around. I think I will pick up at least one, maybe two in the next couple of weeks and they will suffice for the next couple of years. By then I will know more real details about the Steam controller....
  2. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Member

    24 Jul 2009
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    You can't go wrong with the 360 pads. I love mine. I know that being an early adopter to the Steam controller is a risk, as it might end up being a bit rubbish, a funky controller that just doesn't take off, but I'm prepared to take that risk.
  3. Corky42

    Corky42 Where's walle?

    30 Oct 2012
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    I don't think i said it would be 'game changing' although it is very different than a standard controller like the 360, the best words i can use to describe why are what was initially said in on of the early demos of the controller.

    "It's important to distinguish a joystick, which does a relative or velocity based movement, and this one-to-one mode, where you can move your thumb a fixed amount of distance and the view will correspond that fixed amount of distance"

    So it's more like using the trackpad on a laptop but in the palm of your hand.

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