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Case Mod - In Progress Vanilla Golden Sands - Caselabs S3 w/ Pedestal

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by airs, 23 Sep 2015.

  1. airs

    airs What's a Dremel?

    16 Sep 2015
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    Hi everyone. Great community you all have here! I thought I'd share my most recent build - hopefully it helps someone. I also welcome feedback/criticism, so don't hold back! Anyway, on to the build...

    This will be used by my wife for browsing and light gaming. I fully realize it is overkill for her needs, but what can I say? I love building computers.

    Current Status
    Experiencing infrequent BSODs :waah: - the culprit appears to be the Z87E-ITX. A replacement motherboard is on the way - Asus Z87I-Deluxe. update: bad ram. Corsair RMA process is amazing, they sent a cross ship replacement within five hours of my RMA submission.

    Intel i5-4670k
    Asus Strix GTX 970
    ASRock Z87E-ITX
    Samsung 830 128GB SSD (x2, striped)
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB kit
    CaseLabs Mercury S3 - white
    CaseLabs S3 Pedestal - white
    CaseLabs S3 Pedestal radiator mount - white (x2)
    Silverstone Strider ST55F-G

    Aquaero 6
    Aquaero LED
    EK Strix GTX 970 waterblock - nickel
    Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-2 (x3) - main compartment
    Gentle Typhoon AP-15 (x4) - radiators in pedestal
    EK Supremacy - Gold plated, acrylic top
    Alphacool XT45 Radiator (x2)
    Swiftech MCP35x
    Bitspower 150mm Reservoir - acrylic
    Bitspower Reservoir pump top upgrade kit - acrylic
    Bitspower pump cooler - white
    Bitspower pump top - acrylic
    Lots of Bitspower fittings - deluxe white
    E22 10/12mm rigid tubing
    Mayhems Pastel Ice White Coolant
    Arctic Cooling MX4

    MDPC-X Vanilla Sands, Black, Copper Brown
    Logisys 12" white LED strip
    Darkside 12" white LED strip
    Silverstone SST-PP05 Short Cable Kit

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