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Displays VGA Output to HDMI TV

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Nealieboyee, 14 Mar 2012.

  1. Nealieboyee

    Nealieboyee Packaging Master!

    14 Aug 2009
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    Hi All,
    I have an old HDTV sitting at home that takes an HDMI connection.

    I have plugged it into my pc using an HDMI to DVI cable, and that works fine.

    But now i have a PC with only a VGA connection. Would I be able to use a little DVI to VGA adaptor and connect it to the HDMI-DVI cable and get a picture?

    So basically:

    VGA on PC > VGA/DVI adaptor > DVI/HDMI Cable > HDMI on TV

    Thanks in advance

  2. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    HDMI does not carry analogue signal.

    DVI does. So when you use a VGA to DVI adapter, you are just changing the plug shape, but the signal is still analogue.

    Look at this graph:

    "DVI-A" (at the bottom) is the analog pins to carry the VGA signal only (so that plug, is exactly VGA in a different layout design, and carries in no way any digital signal. This plug is not in use in the market).

    "DVI-I" is most likely what you have at the end of that cable or adapter you are using. That is DVI-D (digital only) with DVI-A combined. So that the cable carries digital and analogue signal.
    If you look on the back of a computer monitor, notice that the pins layout are for DVI-D, which is digital signal only. This is done so that you don't plug and send an analogue signal to the monitor because in any case there wont' be any pins for the analogue signal connected to anything, and the monitor won't detect any signal.

    What you need is a special box converter, that actually will convert the signal from analogue to digital. Those are usually costly. Alternatively, you can buy those USB GPU's, which are also costly (over 100$ US/Canadian), that gives you a DVI plug. Don't expect to play 1080p video, though, they are not designed for entertainment purposes.

    If you see VGA to HDMI cable (or the reverse, or VGA to composite/component), these are not standard cables. This are for special equipment or video card, where the HDMI/VGA/wtv plug was hacked, to be able to send a different signal when you tell it to (either by software or a switch).

    That is like if you decide to carry a TV cable signal though speaker wires. and made a converter for it.
    while technically it will work, as the TV cable has 2 wires (outside metal ring, and the copper wire inside), and speaker wires has well 2 wires... it doesn't mean that you can directly connect them to speakers or a Radio antenna and enjoy listening to your TV, audio only.

    So these special cabled won't work for you. You need an actual costly converter.
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  3. noizdaemon666

    noizdaemon666 I'm Od, Therefore I Pwn

    15 Jun 2010
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    As GoodBytes said really. If you look at the end of your VGA/DVI adaptor and compare it to the DVI/HDMI adaptor, you'll notice the difference.

    A costly way of connecting things. You could buy a cheap graphics card to get HDMI though, which would be your cheapest option.

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