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Graphics video card driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cool Hand, 27 Nov 2001.

  1. Cool Hand

    Cool Hand King of the park

    21 Nov 2001
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    my asus 7700 is still not working...ive check'd everything i could see, cnanged every setting i could, still locks in 3d..any 3d....i even have the side of my case so i could touch my card heatsink after a lockup....seems nice and cool to me......ive tried various det's with no effect.....system locks, then restarts, and xp tells me there was a prob with the nvdisp or what ever....

    it was suggested that my power suppily might be at fault....below is an capture of my voltages.....are these in spec?


    anyone else have probs with gf2's? in a game, it locks and loops the sound...common prob with gf2 and amd, but im running all intel.....if i have to get a new card, all case mods will be on hold

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