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News Vista sold 20m licenses in first month

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 28 Mar 2007.

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    23 May 2005
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    TGImages - yes you are right but do MS care if you are using them or not? Probably not, they made a sale out of you - whether it was an XP sale or a Vista sale they still made one, and it still counts.
    For the people that say 20 million isn't a lot in 1 month...think again.... it is a lot. Remeber Feb only had 28 days aswell - its not far off 1 every second (~49 every min ...24/7).
    I own a few shares in msft and it might be worth noting that although these figures are here...they havn't really done anything to the share price...it seems to be going downward at the moment but yet most analysts think it is overweight/good time to buy.

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