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VMware releases Folding@home OVA appliance - its now easier to contribute.

Discussion in 'bit-tech Folding Team' started by Votick, 23 Mar 2020.

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    21 May 2009
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    This Fling is a vSphere Appliance that contains the Folding@Home client software. Upon deploying the VMware Appliance for Folding@Home, the user will be prompted to enter information to configure the Folding@Home software. Once the appliance is deployed, the Folding@Home client is running and ready for Working Units. The Fling is also pre-configured to allow remote management of the Folding@Home client. For more information on the Folding@Home Project and how we can be a Force for Good against diseases like the Coronavirus, visit the website www.foldingathome.org.

    The Folding@Home Appliance is configured to automatically join Team VMware ID 52737. Everyone is welcome to join!

    More details about this project, please check out this VMware OCTO blog post

    Obviously change the team to bit-tech ;)

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