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Vodafone Expands Range Of High-Speed 7.2 USB Modems With A Stylish New 'Stick' Design

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 10 Jan 2008.

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    Vodafone Further Expands Range Of High-Speed 7.2 USB Modems With A Stylish New 'Stick' Design

    Vodafone UK is expanding the options available to users of its high-speed mobile broadband data network with a new exclusive USB modem design. The USB Modem Stick is Vodafone's smallest and slimmest yet and continues the Vodafone tradition of providing easy to use data products, working straight out of the box.

    The USB Modem Stick plugs directly into a laptop without the need for a cable and supports both Windows (Vista and XP) and Mac OSX. The modem is compatible with Vodafone UK's recently upgraded mobile broadband network, now supporting download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps (for receiving files) and 1.44Mbps uplink (for sending files). The speeds available are respectively fourteen and twenty-two times faster than the original 3G service launched in 2004.

    "For personal use or remote working, customers buy Vodafone for predictability, unrivalled speeds, reliability and ease of use. Our customers are seeing real benefits from the ease of use offered by our USB plug and go device, coupled with our increased network speeds. As a result, they have increased their usage six-fold as they use the service to work more productively or surf the internet", commented Kyle Whitehill, Vodafone UK, Enterprise Director. "Vodafone was the first to improve download speeds with HSDPA, the first to increase upload speeds with HSUPA, and now we're pushing the boundaries of usability even further with a groundbreaking compact design."

    The 'Stick' is available on the £25 Mobile Broadband flat rate and prices for the device itself start from just £49 with an 18 month contract. Mobile Broadband customers signing up to a 24 month contract will receive three months free of charge.

    The upgraded 7.2 network is currently available in parts of central London and major airports*

    Buy online, in store or by talking to a Vodafone business advisor or account manager. For more information visit www.vodafone.co.uk/thestick
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    The link doesn't work for me...
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    This is about the best link I can spy on the Vodafone site...

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