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Windows Voobly: Crysis 2 support on release date!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by tomclancey, 11 Mar 2011.

  1. tomclancey

    tomclancey What's a Dremel?

    5 Aug 2009
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    COMING SOON: Voobly will be adding game support for Crysis 2 to our servers. Read more info below.

    Voobly is a free online gaming service that provides a new and easy way to enjoy your favorite games online. Voobly has many built in features that make it superior to other gaming clients which are listed below. Simply do the following and you are playing your new favorite games such as Crysis 2 online:

    1) Register on www.voobly.com
    2) Download the client
    3) Launch the client and open up your favorite game's lounge.
    4) Host or Join a room
    5) Launch the game (if you are the host) or wait for the game to be launched.
    6) Have fun playing!

    Voobly is being packed with new features specific to Crysis 2. We already have the following features available:
    -NAT Traversal (A high-speed connection system for online playing)
    -Rating Systems
    -Clan Support built into website
    -Mod Support for new game modifications
    -Dedicated Lobbies for games
    -Messenger to chat with all of your friends
    -Website with integrated forums
    -Facebook style wall system to communicate with other players on the website
    -Dedicated Live Technical Help Lobby
    -Many more features

    Future features for Crysis 2 include a more detailed rating page system that can include the following statistics for each player:
    -Game time

    Come check out Voobly today and help spread the news of Crysis 2 support!
  2. Blacksniper87

    Blacksniper87 What's a Dremel?

    12 Mar 2011
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    This sounds pretty sweet can't wait

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