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Cooling Water pump question..

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by l33t_c0mput6r_m0dz, 18 Nov 2002.

  1. l33t_c0mput6r_m0dz

    l33t_c0mput6r_m0dz What's a Dremel?

    21 Sep 2002
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    Evaporating chemicals?..

    Regarding as to leaving the rez uncovered and open to the air (from fountain/waterfall), would this be an unwise idea?.. To have your precious distilled water and Water Wetter evaporating before your very eyes? Or is the Water Wetter a heavier type of chemical which does not evaporate, requiring you to only add more water as needed? UV dye as well.. will this evaporate if left in an open rez?

    and finally,


    Should this "dual" rez setup to convert my sump pump to inline work or will this be too restrictive to flow??
  2. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    Your particular 2 rez setup will work OK. But since anti-corrosion additives tend to be rather poisonous (partly to kill algae) it is always recommended not to have an open system.

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