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Watercooler guys or girls in London

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by doodleb3gs, 16 May 2018.

  1. doodleb3gs

    doodleb3gs New Member

    15 May 2018
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    Hello! Am planning to build myself a system - have a lot of experience building pcs that's not the issue but watercooling - none.
    Id like the system to use metal tubing, black nickel appearance which I see you can either plate yourself or buy it in 50cm strips from a few online suppliers I just have to figure out the copper or brass or stainless steel pipe. Anyway, does anyone know of any people in London who will watercool an already built system? Ideally I'd like to watch so I learn but have nothing against sending to a company to have it done lol. Or are there any guys you do this kinda thing for a hobby that accept work like this?

    ps not looking for crazily complicated tube runs, only going for 1 bend per run of pipe and then angled adapter to link to another run which again will have 1 max bend and so on so it shouldnt actually be that hard I think?

    thanks :)

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