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Modding Waterfall + Lake Case | Water Sound - Audible & Quiet Modes

Discussion in 'Modding' started by HappyCuppy, 1 Jul 2021.

  1. HappyCuppy

    HappyCuppy What's a Dremel?

    24 Apr 2021
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    Hey, all :)
    First time using the forums, so lovely to be here! :D

    I'm designing a very special custom case and have a feature idea for sound modes. I've been asking about it on the Discord server, but for those who aren't familiar with the idea:

    This is a custom case (idea, for now) with a custom integrated liquid cooling loop that has a waterfall as an open "tube" and a lake as a reservoir (yes, an actual tiny waterfall and a tiny lake), all encased in a glass box, with a hardware layer underneath the lake.

    So about sound modes: I want it to have an audible mode - the calming waterfall sound (that probably won't be much loud, anyway, but by controlling the coolant's flow speed I might be able to control it), and also a quiet mode where there's no/there's low waterfall sound.
    So about the quiet mode - I'd appreciate ideas for how to make this.

    I have 2 ideas so far - assuming the sound from the waterfall is transferred by the glass:
    • Physical: some some of dampeners, device(s) that attaches to the glass panes and decreases their vibrations - hence making it less audible (like the opposite of speaker windows)

    • Digital: basically ANC (active noise cancellation) like in modern head/earphones - microphones that pick up the sound inside the box and speakers that produce the inverse sound to cancel it out
    And assuming the glass blocks the waterfall sound:

    • Physical: some sort of closable opening(s) that would let air from the inside go outside (carrying the sound of the waterfall) - far from ideal because the more isolation the better (for various purposes, including structural integrity, thermal insulation, insulation of the coolant and more important ones)

    • Digital: window speakers + microphones - using microphones to pick up the sound from the air inside and using speakers attached to the glass to vibrate it
    I'd highly appreciate help with ideas :)

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