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Storage WD Black Drive Failure & Z87-C Intermittently Stuck at BIOS

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Unicorn, 5 Apr 2014.

  1. Unicorn

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    25 Jul 2006
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    This is more of a rant than anything, but you may be able to help me out with at least one of these issues. I built this system at the start of the year - it was literally the first job that I completed after the Christmas holidays. It's a photography studio PC which gets used a lot five and sometimes six days per week. The client isn't a tech pro but an extremely talented and popular photographer who shoots a lot of weddings, so I check in on it via LogMeIn once per week to make sure it's running well and there are no problems.

    This morning I had to go to the studio to address an issue where the machine hangs at the BIOS upon first startup in the morning, requiring several hard resets before it will actually make it past the BIOS splash screen, successfully POST and boot Windows. I have been unable to repeat that issue this morning because it only seems to happen on the first, "cold" boot. All restarts, shutdown/bootup processes after that work fine with only a small pause at the BIOS splash screen. There was mention of a low fan RPM error during the week, so I have turned off all BIOS fan monitoring for now to see if that solves the problem. This problem never presented itself when the machine was on my bench in the workshop being built and tested, and it was very thoroughly tested for two weeks before delivery. It only started when I installed it in the studio. I have also read that there are issues with the signalling circuitry in Corsair PSUs and ASUS Haswell boards. I hope that is not the issue here because that means a change of PSU or motherboard, neither of which are handy with this machine being fully wired with a custom loom.

    I have included screens of the faulty disk (the two 1TB disks are in RAID 1) as well as the rest, so you can see that one is perfectly healthy and one is extremely unhealthy and will need to be changed ASAP. I've already ordered a replacement and this one will be going back under warranty. Any thoughts on why the usage is so low for the SSD (boot disk) compared to the RAID disks?

    External Seagate desktop disk, healthy;


    M500 SSD, healthy but with abnormally low usage;


    First WD Caviar Black, healthy;


    Second WD Caviar Black, bad sectors;


    Further S.M.A.R.T info on bad disk;


    System specs:

    ASUS Z87-C
    i7 4770K
    16GB Vengeance Pro Gold 1600MHz
    2x WD Caviar Black 1TB (R1)
    1x 120GB Crucial M500 (boot)
    Corsair CSM 450W

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