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News Web News Roundup, 19th June 2007

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Guest-16, 19 Jun 2007.

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    I'm not sure who they think they're fooling, the Black Pearl WCR is a Lian-Li. Look at it: Overall, it's a V-2000. The CD-ROM stealth bezels and the floppy bezel are straight off a V-2000. There's the right number of 5 1/4" bays, too. (7). On the top, the door for the USB/audio/firewire jacks is exactly like the one on the front of the PC-7H and the top of other, newer Lian-Li cases, not to mention the fact that it's the exact same port block as Lian-Li's been using for the last three years.

    The hose ports at the back are precisely like the ones off the Lian-Li PC-A10, and the entire back of the case is a transplanted V-2000: They even used the same shiny PCI slot covers. The six-hole mounting for the PSU cover plate is exactly the same as a V-2000, as are the slots around the rear fan for the (not included) rear fan duct.

    It gets better, too: The mesh that the PSU sits on is precisely like the one in a V-2000. The side pannel attachment points are precisely like a V-series Lian-Li. The mounts for the side mesh? Once again, precisely like the ones used on L-L's V-series.

    The insides of the case should be remarkably familiar to anyone who has worked in a Lian-Li lately... The only real difference from the V-2000, the hard drive racks, are borrowed from the PC-A10.

    On the off chance that that case is not built by Lian-Li, I predict there will be legal action very soon.

    (edit) That said, it's a rather nice looking Lian-Li. I may be buying one, if I can find one in silver. (/edit)
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