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Other What's ruining your life right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheMusician, 28 Oct 2009.

  1. Elton

    Elton Officially a Whisky Nerd

    23 Jan 2009
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    Girl issues, just the act that she's not the direct type..

    Other than that, I'm short on money, need to keep up with 3 APs and clubs, and my brother is becoming anti-social.
  2. olla86

    olla86 What's a Dremel?

    28 Oct 2009
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    I am OK! I have bf and new job! I am happy!
    Every man has his backgrounds.
    Last edited: 5 Nov 2009
  3. Cthippo

    Cthippo Can't mod my way out of a paper bag

    7 Aug 2005
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    Incompetent, perhaps criminally stupid, management.

    I never thought I would see the day when I would have to report my employer to the state for nearly killing a patient then trying to cover it up, but here we are. The best part is, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the state won't do anything about it. I've about come to the conclusion that it's easier to get in trouble for killing an animal than a patient entrusted to your care.
  4. TheMusician

    TheMusician Audio/Tech Enthusiast/Historian

    13 Jul 2009
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    Got my SAT scores back today (from my 2nd time taking it). Jumped from an 1870 to a 1950.

    There were 3 or 4 questions that I missed because I was careless. If I had gotten those right, I would've hit the big 2000 barrier.
  5. Ola.l

    Ola.l What's a Dremel?

    5 Aug 2009
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    About to get a new job, will leave this current one on good terms with the boss. The new one will be something I can do from home while I study and still get the same pay :)
    Got spotify today. And my new apartment with a view of the lake here in Stockholm is going to get refreshed (new everything).

    Sorry gais, I just had to, this thread almost made me go depressed :)
    http://www.fmylife.com/ - This page should be good for those who get off of people going down ;)
  6. tranc3

    tranc3 ADHD Modder

    16 Jul 2007
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    I think i have swine.. I have to be at work in an hour.
  7. freedom810

    freedom810 Minimodder

    3 Dec 2007
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    My £3.57 an hour wage and sometimes I get sent home several hours early if its dead, (which it normally is) its slave labor yet there are no other jobs for a 17 year old.
  8. SeT

    SeT What's a Dremel?

    7 Oct 2003
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    Issues with women. My best friend that happened to be female decided to break contact rather than come between me and my wife. Respectful decision I guess but that didn't make it hurt any less. I'm 27 now and I'd known her since 9th grade. She was one of few that kept contact with me through all the years and moves(different school every year of high school) and the last that I've lost contact with. I literally have no friends now other than my wife.

    Other women problems... my ex decided to tell me she still loves me 2 weeks before I got married. Difficult to hear that from her because I'm not sure I ever really got over the break-up. I still definitely have feelings for her but knew better than to get back together with her much less call off a wedding for it. Making matters worse, she's still texting/emailing me occasionally. I need to change my phone number.

    money problems. my wife is working 2 part time jobs and not getting enough to pay her own bills leaving me with all of the rent, my car, student loans, insurance, phones, etc... Luckily I get paid tomorrow, I have $10 in my account right now. Hospital bills are about to get added to that as well due to a kidney stone last week. 2 ER visits to figure out it was the stone, urologist visit, surgery to remove the stone, and another urologist visit to remove the stint. I'm working 2 jobs (1 full and 1 part time so I never have a day off) and just barely getting by.

    Kidney stones are a bitch. I woke up at 2:30am feeling like I had been kicked in the junk. 2 hours of heating or icing wasn't helping at all so I go the ER. They thought it was torsion where the testicle wraps up on itself cutting off blood-flow. Ultrasound proves negative, they send me home with stuff for inflammation and pain meds. I get home, take my meds and pass out. Two hours later I wake up and the pain is hitting 10 but my back, right side. Pain so bad I was nausiated and vomiting and wanted to pass out just so I wouldn't feel it anymore. I can't take the medicine again for 2 more hours. I go back to the ER and they cat scan and find the stone. They give me Percocet and send me home scheduling a urologist visit the next morning. He blows me off not even bothering to look at the cat scan copy the ER gave me and tells me I'm on the right medicine to pass it. I went home and get a call the next day when he finally looked and said the stone is bigger than the ER quoted and there's no way it will pass. I get scheduled for surgery the next day. The stint was horrible, it's a tube they leave in to be sure that the natural tubes don't collapse after something like this. Going from the kidney all the way to a string tied around outside. Worse is the string was tight. Can't stop stop the wood when you're asleep and waking up with it pulling a string inside will make you cry. The urologist didn't bother to sedate or even local anesthetic when he removed it either, just took the string and pulled.

    I hate my job. I'm surrounded by people who look to me as a supervisor but I am not a supervisor and I'm constantly having to clean up their mistakes. None of them seem to be able to think for themselves and I wonder how they got the job in the first place. Add to that, I've been passed over for a promotion for one of these drones that had never even used excel...
    Last edited: 29 Oct 2009
  9. Guest-23315

    Guest-23315 Guest

    Having thought my UCAS form was done i've found out my housemaster, who has had 2 MONTHS to do my reference STILL hasn't done it.

    I don't think I've been this pee'vd for a long time.
  10. oasked

    oasked Stuck in (better) mud

    24 Aug 2005
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    Damn, hope you get better soon - that sounds pretty bad. Good luck! :thumb:
  11. Fishlock

    Fishlock .o0o.

    22 Nov 2004
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    Scummy people on scummy council estates that just want to trouble you about their shitty little problems all day long just because they're bored and have no job to do. That and marmite, disgusting stuff.
  12. weasal

    weasal What's a Dremel?

    22 Jul 2007
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    For me its a bedroom that never seems to want to be tidy no mater how many times i tidy and is also in need of redecoration. Bring on the paint.

    Also the fact of having no proper job therefore no proper income sucks. The work im doing at the moment is events therefore it can be few and far between.

  13. MrJay

    MrJay You are always where you want to be

    20 Sep 2008
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    Jobs good although if the current council get their way wont exsist for much longer : /
    No girlfriend for 5 odd months, all my friends ahve paired up...kinda gets you down.
    Boredome basically waaaaaaay too muhc free time
    Weather is shite, cant get any cycling in.
    And its nearly christmas....i cant stand christmas.
  14. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    Being used by a girl who gave me the "first date" experience then has put me directly into the friend zone.
  15. AnG3L

    AnG3L Ultimate Modder

    19 Mar 2009
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    Negative and closed minded people. They suck!

    No money but I feel rich!
    No girl but I feel no loneliness!
    Serious problems with my back but I feel like 5 years old full of health!
    And because I love LIFE! Because Life is God, Life is Precious, Enjoy each moment
    of it and embrace the Creator for all the wonderful things He gave us and protect His
    Creation His Nature and animals cause he created that heaven for us!

    Peace and Love people, and I hope all your problems will disappear soon enough and Love and Harmony shall take place instead!

  16. Mechh69

    Mechh69 I think we can make that fit

    16 Sep 2009
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    What sucks at the moment is getting a Migrane headach half way through a 12 hour shift and having to take medicine that doesnt work. And knowing that if i go to the so called "Doctors" here that i will get an iv along with benadril and finigrin which wont work to fix the headach. So i guess having a migrane and knowing im just gonna have to suffer through it:wallbash:
  17. dark_avenger

    dark_avenger Minimodder

    9 Jul 2008
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    dealing with stupid banks trying to organise a home loan.
    my house not being built yet.
  18. Volund

    Volund Am I supposed to care?

    16 Sep 2008
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    -Not being able to see the girlfriend for close to a week now due to our conflicting school and work schedules (and we work at the same place :wallbash: )

    -Being stuck in an awful computer course at college, examples from my last class... "you hit the Center button to center the text.... NO, NO, NOT THAT ONE!!!!11ONE"..... "eSATA is a new version of USB, new eSATA devices are completely backwards compatible with USB" (same teacher hadn't heard of eSATA before 2 weeks ago when I told him about it....) :duh::duh::duh::duh:

    -My boss calling me this morning to tell me that they are going to NEED me in on Sunday morning at 6AM, when I specifically requested off Saturday night and Sunday because I'm finally going to be seeing my girlfriend and going out with a bunch of my friends for Halloween.... FUUUUFUFUFUFUUFUUUUU
  19. mrbungle

    mrbungle Undercooked chicken giver

    20 Sep 2004
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    I remember when i was 16 (11 years ago) I was working for £2.60 a hour!! Looking back I have no idea why but I guess that £100 a month made all the difference at that age.
    Sad to see young people still get a shitty deal :grr:

    My life? Not soooo bad. Got a mrs of 7 years, nice house though it is rented and working for myself means i Should hopefully never get sacked :eek:

    Not rich drive a **** car but Im as happy as I have been in a long while tbh :cooldude:
  20. gar

    gar Minimodder

    15 Sep 2004
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    A few things, but I still have hope and feel positive for the future. I've come through some very hard times in my life, but I'm glad I'm still here.
    At the moment I would say, I would love to have a good Church to go to.
    I have no job. Not worried about that as I MAY go to Uni next year and finish my degree.
    I have ALMOST finished my car project, but I don't trust my mechanic sadly, so I've been under allot of stress thinking he's been stealing stuff.

    I need my own house to be able to move on with my life, but I don't want to be lonely. I used to have serious depression and I don't want to go back to that. There's a girl I like and she likes me, but I can't see anything happening as were almost too different.

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