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Blogs When a patch broke my favourite game

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Sifter3000, 7 Jul 2009.

  1. spt

    spt New Member

    19 May 2009
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    Sid Meirs Railroads, released so broken it crashed every time, patched some aspects of it, but never totally fixed. Used to play LAN style with the race being who was in the lead until it crashed.
  2. Jipa

    Jipa Avoiding the "I guess.." since 2004

    5 Feb 2004
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    I really feel your pain on the CoH! I love the game as well.. or used to love. They just got their act together before the Opposing Fronts, and then failed everything again.. Then they slowly fixed, broke, then fixed again and then broke yet another thing until the ToV came out. I haven't really even tried the game after ToV, but once, and boy did it hurt. I didn't really have time to register all the bugs, as the new units suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I had absolutely no idea of how to counter them. Classy.
  3. ltmofo

    ltmofo New Member

    26 Jul 2009
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    COH made me sick. Used to love it too. Problem is there is always some snot who always think they know best and keep whispering in Relics ears like the Devil in Hitlers. I tried to educate people how the panzerfaust was the first RPG and therefore would fire quicker but the Panzershrek required a 2 man crew and would fire slower (although a bit more devestating than a bazooka), but wouldnt fire like a bloody machine gun. Or how a 17pound gun on a firefly would cause more damage to a panther.

    They love the Nazis, and superior in technology they may have been with respect to armour etc & have finely trained soldiers. However, allies won the war an the reasons they won the war was numbers, valour, tactics. None of this/ or v.little is in the game. EG, why cant we have a bigger pop cap on tanks to stop panther spam?

    I used to play all factions & we got really good as a clan, but we knew, as allies you best finish them quick, as Nazis, sit back smoke a cigar and all will be fine in the end (unless you were up against some ratbag who hacked the game).

    Love the way flamethrower engineers burn sh*t out of 17pound gun emplacements, hilarious. Someone get me just 1 piece of footage of that happeining please cos this was common practice in COH. I did it myself.

    When the best player in our clan & another decent player took on myself & fellow clannie (we should have been fiercly matched teams wise) a game played out on a new map, road to somthin or other (Narrow 2v2). They were allies & pinned us at our base, dropped my building 6 times. My allie AT & mg spammed & repaired my base so i could pull out the Tiger time & time again. over an hour this game played out just for us to force them all the way back to win. All 4 of us agreed, although a great effort by us it was bullsh*t. The fact the allies hit so hard early but the germans got stronger & stronger whislt being bummend over the cliffs of dover was just a sheer lack of balance in the game.

    Sorry for going on guys. Anyway, go get Empire total war so ya can have an unplayable game after patch 1.3. Then moan in their forum about it & see yaself get banned, oh ive had so much fun PC gaming these past few years. Think ill be keeping my money firmly in my pocket from now on guys. F*ck em! :rock:
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