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Motherboards Where does this plug into the motherboard? RE: Card Read

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by ry@n, 14 May 2009.

  1. ry@n

    ry@n Minimodder

    31 Aug 2005
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    Just fitted this cheapo multifunction panel in my dads computer, everything works fine apart from the card read part as I don't know where this plugs in:


    It looks like half a USB header but I don't want to plug it in without being sure first, the engrish instruction sheet that came with the panel kindly forgets to mention this lead and only details how to use these laughable audio pass-thru cables (which will not be used as they would stop me from using speakers!):


    Untill someone replies I have this mess of cables to sort out :jawdrop:

    Thanks :thumb:
  2. Delphium

    Delphium Eyefinity enabled

    18 Mar 2007
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    2nd pic...
    That connector is a USB connector, ment to plug directly onto your motherboard via a USB header... usually located across the bottom of the board and usually blue in socket colour.

    You would likly need to consult your mobo manual to determine the orientation of the connector though.

    EDIT:.. checking my mobo and some others, it would appear that GND (ground) fits towards the end with the extra/missing pin.


    3rd pic...
    These are sound card extentions...
    Yellow = Digital audio (coax / spdif / RCA)
    Pink = Mic
    Green = Headphones/speakers
    Blue = usually line in

    May be handy to plug line in and mic in, speakers as you say you already have setup.

    4th pic....
    Is in desperate need of some cable ties :p
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