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Which CPU should i use?

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by lxrysprtmscl, 8 Sep 2008.

  1. lxrysprtmscl

    lxrysprtmscl Minimodder

    8 Sep 2008
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    which cpu should i use?

    i own two computers. one is sporting a core2duo e6750 and the second has a core2quad q6600.

    i do a bit of multitasking but only while surfing the web.
    i play a few games. crysis. pro street. tiberium wars. world at war. civ 4. aoe 3.

    i have my quad overclocked to 3GHz 1333fsb. but have gotten it to 3.4GHz
    i have never overclocked my duo.

    i guess what i am asking is... which would be better for gaming?
    an overclocked q6600 at 3.4GHz or a e6750 with unknown overclockability.
  2. EnglishLion

    EnglishLion working for the good of mankind...

    2 May 2008
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    I'd say either. The difference between them is surely minimal and gaming will probably be limited by your GPU with either one of them.

    If I were you I'd put the E6750 in just because it's got unknown overclockability - I'd be eager to find out what it'll do. However, in the long term the quad is probably better setup up for future games with better multiple threaded programming.
  3. bullseye969

    bullseye969 What's a Dremel?

    8 Sep 2008
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    Depends what type of games, atm the 6750 would be best because most games don't support the quad CPU's, but for future proof I'd go with the q6600 (even though it will be out of date once games are written for quad)

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