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FAQ Who is Nanopoint & why are we here on Bit-Tech?

Discussion in 'Nanopoint' started by Nathan@Nanopoint, 3 Mar 2009.

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  1. Nathan@Nanopoint

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    2 Feb 2009
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    Who are we?
    Nanopoint UK, The UK subsidiary of Maxpoint GmbH, the tip of an umbrella for many famous brands which you know today.
    We bring you the brands Tagan, Seasonic, SilverPower, ICY BOX, ICY DOCK, Keysonic & Aplus.

    If you visit our website you will not see pricing, this is because we do not sell these products to the consumer, only to resellers such as Scan, Dabs, CCL, Novatech etc. Our website can be used to stay updated and to look at product specifications. The website will be re-launched soon which some new features and pricing for the products maybe included by linking from our resellers websites.

    Why are we here on Bit-Tech?
    Nanopoint UK works closely with Dennis publishing and because of Bit-Techs status for online reviews, news, the community which is here and the influence on readers we have decided to setup care and support.

    The Aim
    Because we do not sell direct to the public (people like you :) ). It makes sense to come on here and listen the views on our products from you direct. Its always important to listen to customers views which we do very well however it is also important to listen to the consumer. Because of the nature of our products and the class of audience which is targeted (enthusiasts, gamers & power users) what could be greater than your input?

    You can ask us questions regarding any of our products before you buy or if you have already purchased a product and are experiencing problems with the operation or functionality, we can help here.

    website www.nanopoint.co.uk
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