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Why Quadro?

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 28 Nov 2014.

  1. MSINotebookUK

    MSINotebookUK What's a Dremel?

    29 Jul 2014
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    If you’re already reading this in a sub-forum titled “Workstation notebooks” you probably already know what the uses are for a Quadro. Still, we’d like to try and explain what the benefits of workstation graphics cards are.

    In short, however, let us explain it this way – a workstation graphics card (i.e. an NVIDIA Quadro card, as found in the MSI WS/WT series) is a card optimized for specific tasks, such as CAD or other cases with demanding GPU simulations. Or, as NVIDIA itself puts it:

    “The Quadro mobile workstation product family offers a complete range of graphics with unmatched performance and quality for the most demanding professionals on the go. From digital content creators on a movie set, to design engineers at a remote plant, to geo-scientists on an oil rig, mobile professionals bring Quadro graphics where their work is.”

    So the target audience is clear – professionals. But what about the performance? As with everything else, it’s different from test to test, but in general, the properly specialized software, such as Catia, Maya and SolidWorks will make full use of a workstation card, and it’s these users who are the target audience of the MSI Workstation notebooks.

    In any case, our findings show that even the entry level Quadro K2100M, as found in the WS60, will completely monster even the GTX 780M in all professional applications.
    Granted, the result would be more or less the other way round in games, but for those serious about their work in animation, CAD and other demanding applications should consider a mobile Quadro to boost their productivity.

    We will return to this topic in the future with updated tests, watch this space.
  2. g1lgamesh

    g1lgamesh Minimodder

    12 Dec 2011
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    Quadro cards are aweome.

    IF you are a 3-D STudio MAX artist, or an enthusiast like myself then having a quadro card is a distinct advantage over a regular g-force

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